World Water Day – Team Kikombo

27th March 2015

C4 groupschool

Access to clean water in Kikombo is one of the biggest challenges the community faces. Not only will clean water contribute to a reduction in ill health it will also save time and money, enabling them to invest more in other development areas.

Team Kikombo’s current construction project alongside project partner MAMDO and the local community, is the construction of three latrine blocks. Two of these toilets are located in the market place and will serve to demonstrate to the community an alternative solution to their current practices. The third toilet will be located at the local church. This latrine block has been funded directly by the community showing their investment and time into the team action on water and sanitation.

C4 groupschool

 As part Team Kikombo’s secondary project, they are constructing rocket stoves in ten households. Rocket stoves use 50% less fuel, boil water 15 minutes faster, and produce less harmful smoke than the current stoves currently used by the village. The team are also building 100 tippy taps around the village to help spread the word of good hand washing and how it can reduce diseases.

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