World Water Day – Team Kizonzo

27th March 2015

C6 water

In Kizonzo village, Singida region, the Raleigh ICS group has been raising awareness on the importance of good hygiene practices in relation to health, including hand washing, personal hygiene and the preparation of water. The preparation and access to clean water are the biggest problems in the village.

In week six, we began building rocket stoves around the village in prominent places and held a community day to mark World Water Day on 22nd March.  When we were building our rocket stoves at the church in Kizonzo we talked to the pastor, Yaosh Lodovic, who told us how the Raleigh group’s presence in the village had affected his congregation.  He said, “I have been a pastor for three years in Kizonzo and my congregation has been sick but now we are recovering because of the education and tippy taps established. Access to clean water is a challenge because we have to collect it from Shelui which is four kilometres from the village. If we don’t collect if from there we have to use dirty water. The rocket stoves use less fire wood which is good as my wife is allergic to ash so it’s better for her health and also for boiling water.”

C6 water


We spoke to a member of the congregation, Imef Juma who is the assigned health officer of Kizonzo. She said, “Since using the tippy taps established by the Raleigh group, the health of the people is much better.”

When we were assembling the rocket stove at the community centre in the village, we met with one of the managers of the centre who said, “the tippy taps installed by the team are used every day and when I come to collect the jerry can in the evening, the water and soap are always finished so I think the people have got to know the importance of hand hygiene. The new rocket stove is also a hygienic way of cooking meat. The villagers of Kizonzo will also benefit from the murals about treating water and hygiene as well as the map which shows where to find the tippy taps.”

Macholo, a community member who has been helping with the rocket stove building, added: “I want a rocket stove at home to boil water and I have enjoyed building with the volunteers. I am going to need help building my own as I don’t have any bricks so maybe I would share the stove with my neighbour.”

C6 headwater

From the discussions we had with the community members we found that the rocket stove will have a positive influence on boiling water quickly, use less wood and also keep the heat from escaping. Using this infrastructure, alongside our awareness raising activities which include dramas, school club and community days, Team Kizonzo has noticed a real change in behaviour and health.