World Youth Skills Day: Equipping the Community in Kigunga with Entrepreneurship skills

12th July 2017

Echo 1 volunteers lead a session on entrepreneurship

Over the past couple of weeks our team of 15 UK and Tanzanian volunteers has been working with young entrepreneurs in the village of Kingunga in the Kilosa district. We have been introducing the community to the basics of running a business during our three hour trainings sessions each day. Over the course of the next eight weeks, the entrepreneurs will be learning a wide variety of skills including cash flows, BMCs and pitching skills. We will also hold action days in the community to raise awareness of entrepreneurship and engage the village.

Echo 1 volunteers prepare a dance for their awareness raising action day

In Kinguga, the main form of employment is small-scale agriculture and subsistence farming, however the community relies on unpredictable crop yields. By attending the classes, the community will be able to generate business ideas allowing them to diversify their income streams and ensure they are not relying on factors outside of their control. At the end of the eight weeks, the entrepreneurs will be equipped with the necessary skills to begin building their businesses. Additionally, a selection of entrepreneurs with the most promising business ideas will have the opportunity to pitch to a panel to win a small grant they can use as start-up capital.

Volunteer Joe and team leader Ffion prepare an entrepreneurship lesson

We spoke to some of the entrepreneurs who have been attending our daily classes to find out why they wanted to attend, what skills they hope to gain and how this will impact them:

Farmer Hamzaissa hopes to start a small vegetable farm

Farmer Hamzaissa is very keen to attend the classes so he can learn more about business, especially controlling cash flows. He wants to start a small vegetable farm and take what he grows to sell in the local market. He commented, “I hope through attending the classes I will receive an education about business, to help me change from one space to another.” Likewise, Haidaja, also currently a farmer, wants to open a clothes shop and commented, “I want to gain a business education to allow me to grow from one step to another in my skills.”

Haidaja hopes to grow her skill set through the classes
Zainabu has a number of business ideas she wants to pursue including a hair salon and clothes shop

Zainabu is currently a farmer and was inspired to attend the entrepreneurship classes after in-country volunteer Hassan spoke with her and encouraged her to come. Zainabu, who currently has a number of business ideas said, “I hope that through the classes I will learn more about business so I will be able to help myself and have a successful business.”

Peanut seller Ayuba wants to learn about business so he can open a small shop

Ayubu, a peanut seller in the village hopes that by attending the classes he will get enough education to start a small duka (shop). He is looking forward to the classes, expressing himself saying, “I want to expand my brain and thinking capacity to learn more about business and gain entrepreneurship skills.”

Halima wants to use the skills she will learn to expand her soap business

Halima already runs a small business selling soap and is very happy the entrepreneurship classes have come to Kigunga as this will allow her to gain, “Enough education of business and how to control a cash flow to allow me to expand my business in the community.”

Entrepreneur Laifa wants to gain enough skills so she can run a successful business

Laifa is currently a farmer and wanted to attend the classes after hearing about them through the village leaders. She hopes to open a small shop selling clothes she has made. Currently, she does not have any business knowledge and she hopes the classes, “Will provide me with an education about entrepreneurship skills to enable me to run my business.”

The community of Kingunga has embraced the opportunity to learn more about business, and we hope by equipping them with entrepreneurship skills the local economy and the people of Kigunga will reap the benefits in the long term.

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