World Youth Skills Day: Gaining Skills on Expedition

15th July 2017

Venturers take part in Expedition for a wide variety of reasons, whether to experience a new culture, meet different people, make a difference in a rural community, or learn more about sustainable development. Behind many of these reasons is a desire to develop skills that can be used to create wider job opportunities and help them to fulfill their goals. We spoke to some of our venturers from the UK, Tanzania and further afield to find out why they wanted to volunteer with Raleigh Tanzania, and what skills they hope to gain during their time on expedition:

Sophia, Tanzania

Sophia on the left enjoying a team building game during induction

“I will be happy improving and gaining new leadership skills through being day leader in the team. I would also like to learn to cope with the challenges living with people of different backgrounds present. Being part of Raleigh Tanzania and after completing all these activities and overcoming these difficulties, I expect to become an active citizen and a good leader.” 

Camilla, UK

Camilla arrives at induction

“I am looking forward to the trek as it will bring the team together to overcome problems in situations that none of us are used to. It will challenge us all and develop us as individuals.” 

Oliverson, Tanzania

Oliverson arriving for induction in Morogoro

“Being a part of Raleigh Tanzania is an experience that you can’t forget. It’s amazing to take part in activities with people from different countries but with the same goal. The experience has been enjoyable, educational and challenging. We have learnt that no matter how hard the task ahead is, a strong team makes anything achievable. I am looking forward to improving my leadership skills and most importantly my ability to interact with people from different cultures in difficult situations.” 

Hasnaty, Tanzania

Hasnaty working on the WASH construction site

“Nilitaka kujitolea na Raleigh Tanzania kujifunza ujuzi tofauti na kuongeza maarifa yangu. Pia mimi naishukuru sana Raleigh kwani Imenibadilisha na Kunifamra niwe Mtu Mwingino nione kane fafauti na Mwanzo pia kuju a nafanya nini. Mimi napenda kuendelea kushinkiana na Raleigh ili ili inifanye Niwe Mtu Mwingine Zaidi.”

“I wanted to volunteer with Raleigh Tanzania to learn different skills and increase my knowledge. It has transformed me and made me somebody who knows what I am doing. I’d like to continue my collaboration with Raleigh Tanzania to bring me more positive transformation, to take my skills to another level.”

Olivia, UK

Olivia and Oliver preparing SWASH lessons

“My main goal for Raleigh is to work cohesively with all types of people and to improve my leadership skills by becoming more comfortable working with and leading a group.”

James, New Zealand

James on the WASH construction site

“Raleigh has provided me with an incredible opportunity to work with people I would not usually have the chance to collaborate with. This will allow me to develop my ability to work with those from various backgrounds and cultures.”

Pasua, Tanzania

Pasua leading the Tanzanian welcome song during induction

“I have already had the opportunity to develop my leadership and teaching skills during expedition. I am also learning to better control my own emotions in difficult situations, including using problem solving techniques such as seeking guidance from others when necessary. I have been adapting to new cultures and building friendships. I have also been trying to actively encourage the quieter members of the group, as we need everyone to get involved to accomplish our tasks even in hard situations.”

The volunteers will soon be joining together for changeover where they will be able to de-brief the past three weeks and share their stories and experiences. They will have time to relax before Phase Two allocations are announced and the teams head off for their project sites.

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