World Youth Skills Day. What new skills can you learn on a Raleigh Expedition in Borneo?

13th July 2016

Louise – Operating a Radio


Raleigh Borneo uses the radio for communications over long distances between Fieldbase and project groups. We have trained the Venturers in all aspects of radio usage, both setting up the radio and voice protocol. We train our volunteers to speak clearly across the microphone and check for faults if they ever need fixing. Using the radio is great for confidence building and improving communication skills as you have to learn very quickly how to get important and complicated information across to someone you can’t see, in a clear and straightforward way.

Kate – Embracing Energisers


Energisers are simple games used to encourage interaction within a group, and to raise people’s energy levels. Energisers used to scare me a bit, I found them a little nerve-wracking. Training as a volunteer manager involves not only taking part in daily energisers but taking your turn to run them too. Three weeks after training began the Venturers arrived and out of nowhere it was like someone had flicked a switch. Not only was I less nervous, but I was also having fun. Running and taking part in energisers improves your confidence and teaches you to have fun and not take things too seriously. They have been a truly enlightening experience and have provided me with skills I hope to carry forward beyond Raleigh.


Tina – Speaking a New Language


Since being on Raleigh, I have learnt the value of being able to communicate with people who don’t speak the same language as me. During my first community phase learning to speak basic Malay not only helped the project we were working on, but also allowed me to form friendships with members of the community in our shared endeavor to understand each other. If I said the wrong word? Even better – they always found it hilarious! I’m still working on speaking Malay and sometimes find it quite tough; but the confidence I have gained and the enjoyment I get when I occasionally get it right make it totally worthwhile.


We’re lucky enough this expedition to have two volunteer managers who know exactly what it’s like to be a Venturer learning new skills on expedition; Adam our Deputy Operations Manager and Max one of our Logistics Coordinators. Here’s what they’ve said about the skills they learnt as Venturers and how they have aided an influenced them since.


Adam – Trek Skills


I first trekked in Costa Rica in 2009 as a venturer. The sense of adventure and the challenges of surviving for 3 weeks with just your fellow team members around you inspired me to pursue my Mountain Leader qualification in the UK and return to Raleigh as an Adventure Project Manager in 2016 in Borneo. This journey has taught me many useful skills including the art of erecting a hammock, how to use bamboo as a firestarter, whittling away the kilometers with compelling conversation and of course the precise depth of a jungle long drop!


Max – A Passion for Sustainable Development


I first came to Raleigh Borneo as a Venturer in 2014. Having recently left school I was excited to see a new and exotic part of the world and engage in projects that would make a positive difference to the people and places I was working in.  At the time I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do in the future or what to study at university. Raleigh taught me about sustainable development and ignited my interest in global citizenship through the experiences I had and the people I met. Two years later I’m back with Raleigh Borneo as a Logistics Coordinator and have just completed my first year of a degree in International Development at Bath University. Raleigh truly inspired me to follow a path that I not only love but that I hope will allow me to continue to making a positive difference.

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