X-Ray 4 get back to Nature in Guayabo

12th August 2013

With its abundance of wildlife, Guayabo really can be described as Nature’s playground. The National Park holds a number of exotic creatures and flora and it also tells an incredible story of an ancient civilization that dates back to 1000 BC.

The park’s beauty and natural charm is a catalyst for X-Ray 4’s work here on the advancement of the archaeological monument. The only one in Costa Rica open to the public. Shrouded in mystery, little is known about the habitants of this region; archaeologists have yet to discover the name of the city and its inhabitants.

Tourists from all over the world come to Guayabo to see the tombs and walkways that were once inhabited by this unknown ancient civilisation. The work we are doing here will help the visitors become part of the site’s history as they experience the place and imagine the lives of those who built the monuments centuries ago. 

CRN 13G KW guyabo roadtrip ventuers carry fence posts-9151 400x600 CRN 13G KW guyabo roadtrip new fence-9091 600x400 CRN 13G KW guyabo roadtrip ventuers carry fence posts-9242 400x600

When we finish work on the verandas for the afternoon we’ve been busy getting to know each other. Already we’ve enjoyed the celebration of Sienna’s birthday, a trip to the local butterfly farm, endless games of mafia, and the crystal maze game followed by a bbq. All of which have certainly done their job of keeping our spirits up at the end of a hard day’s work.

CRN 13G KW guyabo roadtrip ventuers build-9228 600x400 CRN 13G KW guyabo roadtrip xray4dinner-9380 600x400

With work on the verandahs coming to a close, X-Ray 4 is ready to get started on the next part of the phase: planting the trees for the reforestation project. Guayabo is a 575 acre area with several unique species of trees. It is home to many animals and birds so the reforestation project will help support the conservation and biodiversity of the park’s natural flora and fauna.

CRN 13G KW guyabo roadtrip flora-9084 600x400 CRN 13G KW guyabo roadtrip flora and fauna-9349 400x600 CRN 13G KW guyabo roadtrip flora and fauna-9345 600x400

As well as digging the holes for the new trees we’ll all be obeying Gemma’s wishes to bless each sapling as it’s planted!