Yankee-1 Nutrition Mission

11th April 2015

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This week was the beginning of our secondary projects. We are doing a mural and kitchen garden in each of the three villages. The three murals will be different designs representing our main project here WASH, two of the murals will present the 10 stages of hand washing and the thirds will be nutrition based.

We all thought that painting a mural would be a nice relaxing task among all of the laborious hard work we’ve been doing. Scraping the paint off these walls has been one of the most difficult feats we’ve had to face and then washing and preparing the cement base coat was no easy task either. Finally after days of scraping and scrubbing the first wall in Chikkabargi was ready for painting in the next few days. iy-1 blog6 pic2
We also set to work on our kitchen gardens for the three schools to enjoy for their lunches. We prepared a space of land and built fences to protect from the animals before having nutrition sessions with all the children and asking what their favorite veggies are. Once the gardens were ready for planting some members atook charge of Chikkabargi’s school garden-despite having the least farming experience of everyone- we ploughed and ploughed and planted the seeds and taught the kids how to plant each veggie seeds and care for them. In Doddabargi school Matt and Shrinivas had an English lesson with the children while making some name stands for all the vegetables whilst Madison took a group of ten boys and planted all the seeds and taught how to care for the garden which, judging from a few visits after this, has become a bit of a pride and joy for the boys and the reason they preferred a nutrition based


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Then, with the masons arriving in the next few days, we needed to prepare the bases for the toilets to be built on. The villagers who would be receiving the toilets had to dig a pretty ginormous hole and then we came along and dug the foundations for which the toilet would be built upon.The team are excited at the prospect of having three finished murals by next week and 6 fully fledged working toilets by the end of this phase. iy-1 blog6 pic3