Youth for Change – A poem

2nd March 2014

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This week one of our Tanzanian volunteers showed us a poem they had written, encapsulating a little of what their work in Khusumay, Charlie 5's project village, has led them to think about.  We love how creative our Raleigh volunteers are...

Youth for Change

It was a windy cold morning

Lazy one off from bed

It was a bit boring

Battling day began

Effortless we started working


Time came I realised

Change begins with me

Stronger I became

I challenged myself to change the world

But health is everything in life


Youth for change

Give up yourself for development to come

We just small fish in the pool of big sharks

Be a catalyst for change

Lose sight of shore, so as to cross the ocean

Raleigh for life change


By Mohammed Kessy, Charlie 5

poem pic