Ending with a BANG!

7th December 2013

Zulu 3 have been reflecting this week on their aims for the final days of expedition. Based on the island of San Lucas, their work in beach cleaning and trail building has challeged and inspired them in equal measure. In this blog they have each set out their goals, taking stock of what they have left to achieve during this phase. 



"I certainly hope we will be ending with a bang, and it is looking pretty good so far. I have an amazing team on a beautiful island and I’m loving the outdoors. There is something quite adventurous about cooking freshly caught fish and foraged coconuts with a view of the waves and the setting sun. So far on Raleigh I have learnt to be resourceful and more independent. For this final phase I really want to be able to make a difference to San Lucas and the rangers that work here, and feel like there was a reason for being here. This morning, collecting litter on the beach, I felt very sad about the problems that humanity creates – problems that could so easily be avoided. Everyone on the beach felt angry, and even if the tide brings a fresh load of rubbish daily, making our efforts seem useless, I know that none of us will forget that feeling and will talk about it with others. I have learnt that it is not always the direct impact of being here that makes a difference, but how we use the knowledge that we now have."


"Seeing all the rubbish that is in the sea, I had a sudden realisation about my attitudes towards waste. I would like to try harder to be more conservative with my own waste and make an effort to help clean the beaches of San Lucas"


"I’ve found that Raleigh can be extremely tough, both mentally and physically. My aim is to always embrace the challenge and complete it to the best of my ability. It is an aim I am proud to say I have achieved in my previous phases. For this final phase I will continue to do the same but also take more time to look after myself and relax. For example, swimming at one of the beautiful beaches on this island or doing yoga on the pier. San Lucas is the perfect place to do this and end the phase with a bang!"


"Raleigh has made me realise how important it is to enjoy life. My goal is mostly to have an amazing time by doing crazy things on the island. I also want to push myself by working hard so I can make the environment better. Picking rubbish from the beach is really satisfying. I will definitely end Raleigh on a high with my Zulu 3 group."


"Among the many reasons I had for coming on Raleigh, improving my fitness was one of them. The work on San Lucas is physically demanding, and I’m determined to give 100% in these final weeks alongside my ongoing aim of building up my photography portfolio. Pura vida!"


"After completing the Miratombo trek, one of the most physically and mentally challenging things I have ever done, my motivation levels were higher than they have ever been and I wondered how I would be able to make my last phase even better, especially after having learnt so much from my trek. I would like to leave San Lucas with the knowledge that as a group we have genuinely helped the conservation of this amazing national park, by completing our daily work with the right attitude and 100% effort. I also intend to end this phase by enjoying the time spent on the pier and beach during the afternoons, taking in the incredible views, showing us why we are spending so much time conserving this island."


"If we want this group to be the best we need to be motivated and united as a team! I want to end this phase by mastering teamwork, working together and sharing our ideas with each other."


"En ocho días he llegado a conocer superficialmente los problemas ambientales de la isla San Lucas y las grandes limitaciones que los sectores sociales y gubernamentales están obviando para afrontar dichas problemáticas. Como persona y voluntaria he decidido poner de todo mi esfuerzo, ideas y motivar a mis compañeros a crear lazos más fuertes entre Raleigh y los guarda parques para planificar y solidificar una línea base de trabajo que eventualmente mejore las condiciones físicas y naturales de la isla; iniciar un cambio en los patrones de comportamiento de los sectores, porque sólo así se puede redirigir la cadena de efectos."