Contact a volunteer – Costa Rica Expedition

Welcome to our volunteer contact form page for Costa Rica Expedition. Due to the remote nature of our project sites you should assume that volunteers will not have access to the internet or phones for most of the time they are on project site.

Remember you can keep up to date with what our volunteer groups are up to via Raleigh Costa Rica’s Instagram and Facebook pages. On our blog, you will find information about the wider Raleigh programmes and the impact our volunteers are having.

For non-urgent general messages

We know those of you left at home may like to send news so the form below is a way for you to do just that. Once you complete the details on the form and press submit, your message will be sent to our staff in Nicaragua & Costa Rica. Staff will then print off the message and deliver it to the volunteer on their next changeover or project support visit (around every 2 weeks).

Please use the contact form to send non urgent general messages only (messages for which you do not need a reply or confirmation of receipt).

These messages could include:

  • Words of support or encouragement
  • Updates from home

Alternatively you might like to send a good old-fashioned letter!

[Volunteer name]
Raleigh International
Apartado Postal 17 – 7150
Costa Rica

For messages that are more urgent (non-emergency) or where you need a reply

Please email or call our Volunteer Delivery Team on +44(0)2071831274 / who will then be able to pass the message on and arrange for a response in the most appropriate way.

These messages could include:

  • Flight information
  • Important updates on family
  • Exam results
In an emergency situation

In an emergency situation where action is required as soon as possible please contact our 24 hr duty manager number (response within 1 hour) which can be found within the information for family and friends document that you were sent previously. This is an emergency line only so we ask that you only use this emergency contact number in a real emergency, allowing our team to respond in a timely and appropriate manner.

If you do have any questions or queries, do not hesitate to get in touch.

  • Volunteer contact form

    You will receive an email confirmation that your message has been received by Raleigh International. Please check this email to make sure your message has been received in full. You may wish to write your message offline and then copy it into the form below.