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“It is amazing to see the children already using the classrooms that have been built and see how it is directly making an impact on the children in the community.”

– Lindsay, volunteered in Costa Rica

Welcome, bienvenidos, to Costa Rica

Situated in colourful and lively Central America, Costa Rica is one of the world’s most dazzling countries famed for its welcoming people and its stunning environments. It also contains 5% of the planet’s biodiversity within its borders and aims to be the first carbon neutral country by 2021.

Despite this, the country still faces problems with inequality in rural areas and issues with protecting its natural environment.

For more than 10 years, Raleigh volunteers have lived and worked side-by-side with rural communities in Costa Rica to create long-lasting, sustainable change.

Join us on a life-changing Expedition here and help make a meaningful difference in marginalised communities. You’ll create change around you whilst also developing personal skills for yourself.

What will I be doing?

In a team of international volunteers, you will be working at the heart of exciting sustainable development projects to protect one of the most bio-diverse places on the planet!

Two volunteers interview a local woman while on Expedition in Nicaragua and Costa Rica

Community project

Don’t just visit, live it! On a 10 and 7 week Expedition, you’ll be living in a local community and working side-by-side with the villagers, staying in their homes for 19 days. You will work on Community Resilience projects, helping to improve access to education by building schools in indigenous areas.

Volunteers working on an environmental project while on Expedition in Nicaragua and Costa Rica

Environment Project

On the 10 and 7 week Expedition, you will get to call one of Costa Rica’s national park’s home. You could be helping improve access to the park for park rangers, communities and tourists. Those on a 5 week Expedition will either do a Community Resilience project or a Natural Resource Management (NRM) project.

Volunteers reading a map while on Expedition in Nicaragua in Costa Rica

Adventure Phase

Let the adventure begin! Costa Rica’s stunning diverse, green landscapes present the ideal location for a challenging adventure to push you out of your comfort zone. Costa Rica is a traveller’s dream and your team may even get the chance to trek from the Caribbean Sea to the Pacific Ocean! Not many people can say they’ve done that!

When can I go?
Dates Weeks Availability Application deadline
12 Oct – 19 Dec 10 Deadline passed
12 Oct – 28 Nov 7 Deadline passed
01 Nov – 19 Dec 7 Places available 13 Sep 2018
Dates Weeks Availability Application deadline
17 Feb – 26 Apr 10 Places available 20 Dec 2018
17 Feb – 05 Apr 7 Places available 20 Dec 2018
09 Mar – 26 Apr 7 Places available 14 Jan 2019
30 Jun – 6 Sept 10 Places available 6 May 2019
30 Jun – 16 Aug 7 Places available 6 May 2019
20 July – 6 Sept 7 Places available 30 May 2019
30 Jun – 28 July 4 Places available 6 May 2019
31 July – 28 Aug 4 Places available 5 June 2019
06 Oct – 13 Dec 10 Places available 12 Aug 2019
06 Oct – 22 Nov 7 Places available 12 Aug 2019
26 Oct – 13 Dec 7 Places available 30 Aug 2019
Did you know?
  • Costa Rica is home to the highest density of biodiversity of any country worldwide.
  • There are 26 national parks in Costa Rica covering over 25% of its area.
  • Costa Rica currently sits top of the world happiness index!

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