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How we are adapting Raleigh Expedition for Covid-19

Find out more on how we have adapted our Raleigh Expedition programme to be Covid safe.

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Last updated 20/01/2022

COVID 19 update: We are aware of the new Covid-19 variant, and the impact it is currently having on international travel.  We are proceeding with our plans for our programmes in 2021 and 2022, but we are monitoring the situation carefully and will update volunteers as more information becomes available.  If you have any concerns, feel free to contact us. 30 November 2021 

International Raleigh Expeditions – Costa Rica and Nepal

For Raleigh Expeditions to Costa Rica and Nepal this Spring (Cycle 1 & 2)

We appreciate and recognise the uncertainty around Covid-19 restrictions locally and globally at the current time. Although there are changes to restrictions being implemented, we want to reassure you that we are still confident we will be running safe programmes in Jan 2022.

Our Safety and Operations Team are continuing to monitor and review each countries entry requirements and will update all volunteers if there are any significant changes

We regularly monitor advice provided by the World Health Organisation, UK government, and relevant authorities in our countries of operation. We are also monitoring how international travel is resuming and the local contexts, reviewing our operational plans and protocols accordingly.

We appreciate that these are uncertain times, so if you have any questions about these programmes that are not answered here, please keep in touch with us.

Re:Green – Scotland, UK

We are delivering our UK programme Re:Green from June 2022, in the Western Highlands of Scotland, UK. 

Please see the FAQs below if you are considering applying or if you have already secured a place. Get in touch if you can’t find the answer you need.

Covid-19 Related FAQs

How is the Raleigh Expedition programme being adapted to be Covid-secure and to keep volunteers and communities safe?

We are constantly monitoring and assessing the situation, here and in our countries of operation. We have permanent national staff in each country that are in contact with local governments, embassies, and other authorities. We will only go ahead with our programmes when we know that we can maintain our high standards of safety and risk management. We continue to review and update our operational protocols to ensure we can work safely. We will give finalised, full detailed guidance prior to the upcoming Raleigh Expeditions, but for your safety and that of others, the measures are likely to be the following:

Before your programme 

During Raleigh Expedition 

Overall, our principle will be to adapt programme delivery to a physically distanced model, being creative to ensure as few of the key ingredients of the Raleigh Expedition experience are compromised as possible.  However, the fundamental principles are to:

If at any point someone tests positive on a lateral flow test, they would be isolated from the group at one of our isolation points for the 10 days isolation:

In addition: 

What happens if I were to sign up now to volunteer and Raleigh International are forced to cancel the programme due to COVID-19?

You will be able to secure your place with confidence. If we have to cancel the programme in advance due to COVID-19, we’ll offer you an alternative programme, so you’ll be able to defer your place to a future Raleigh Expedition, or switch to our new Re:Green programme. 

If you can’t travel due to travel bans or quarantine restrictions, then we’ll offer you the option to transfer your place to an alternative programme within the next 18 months.

If we cancel the programme and you are unable to defer or switch programme, as per our  Terms and Conditions, we will ensure all fundraising personally donated (ie via bank transfer or cheque) after the initial deposit is 100% refundable.

The money you fundraise for Raleigh International as part of your minimum fundraising target is a contribution towards general charitable purposes not a direct contribution to your personal programme. We commit to ensure all donations you fundraise go directly towards supporting Raleigh to mobilise a global movement of young people, taking action on the most critical issues facing our planet.

Donations made through an online fundraising platform (JustGiving) come from third parties to directly support Raleigh works, so this will not be refundable if we cancel Expedition.

Will I get my deposit back?

The deposit is non-refundable in all circumstances.  

What happens if I were to sign up now to volunteer and decide to withdraw?

If you choose to withdraw from a programme, for any reason, you will need to inform us in writing. If Raleigh International are still going ahead with the programme, any funds received by the charity up to this point will be treated as donations to the charity and will not normally be refunded, as per our T&Cs.

What happens if I get COVID-19 just before the Raleigh Expedition start date?

Please get in touch and let us know. It is essential you do not join if you have COVID-19. Depending on timing / availability you may be able to join a later Raleigh Expedition a few weeks later or defer to any Raleigh Expedition or Re:Green programme over the next 24 months. If this is not possible, we may be able to a return proportion of your direct fundraising contributions, pending medical evidence of the diagnosis.

Will future Raleigh Expeditions go ahead?

2022 Expeditions:  We are currently planning to deliver these programmes, and we hope that the situation in both Costa Rica and Nepal improves with the roll out of their vaccination programmes, and eased pressure on the health care systems. . 

How has Raleigh International responded so far?

Our staff teams continue to work remotely at home or to a limited degree in each of our offices. Throughout we have remained fully connected and focused on restarting our international volunteering programmes and continuing to deliver our national volunteer programmes, where safe to do so.

Last year, in March 2020, we suspended our international volunteering programmes as a result of the global pandemic. We are proud to have successfully and safely returned over 500 volunteers home from their various programme locations. For the safety of our volunteers, staff, partners and the communities we work with, we also made the difficult decision to cancel our international programmes in 2020 to date.

Our Expeditions successfully restarted to Costa Rica in October 2021.

Is Raleigh International delivering any programmes that may help respond to the COVID-19 outbreak?

Our water, sanitation health and hygiene (WASH) programmes are already closely aligned to the type of projects that will be valuable in a COVID and post-COVID world. We will be working with project partners and communities to better understand how the needs may have changed and how we can tailor our projects and activities to support even more. More broadly, our non-Expedition programmes that work with national volunteers only are also being redeveloped to respond to this global issue.