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Why Nepal?

Nepal is a land that has captivated travellers for generations. Sandwiched between India and China it is at a cross roads of cultures and religions. With the vast Himalayas as its backdrop, few other countries rival Nepal’s natural beauty.

Nepalis are friendly and welcoming people, who love a good party. Volunteer in Nepal and it is likely you will be there for one of the country’s many bright and colourful festivals – there are over 50 a year!

Despite this, there is a tangible need for us to be there. 42% of the population live in poverty and only 27% have access to improved sanitation.

What could I be doing?

Volunteers and community members digging in Nepal


You will work on a community project in a rural village in Gorkha. 85% of homes in this area were affected by the 2015 earthquake. These villages have very limited access to safe water and sanitation. You and your team could be working on a project to bring water to these communities. You could be digging trenches or laying pipes. You may also work on awareness raising projects.

Volunteers trekking in Nepal, mountains in background


You will take part in a breathtaking trek around some of the least explored areas of Nepal. You’ll be trekking off the tourist trail in the foothills of the Ganesh Himal mountains. You and your team will trek up to 120km over 19 days.

As we base our projects on the needs of the local communities we work in, we don’t currently offer an Environment phase in Nepal. Although, watch this space as this may change!

Did you know?

  • Nepal uses the ‘Bikram Samwat’ calendar. It’s a luni-solar calendar that is approximately 56 Years, 8 Months ahead of the UK calendar – so by travelling to Nepal, you’ll get to visit 2073.

  • Cows are the national animal and are sacred.

  • In 2011 two Nepali men carried out the world’s longest lasting handshake lasting an unbelievable 42 hours & 35 minutes. (We told you they were hospitable).

“Since spending time in Nepal, I have learned to value the people and love I have in my life, rather than material objects. I want my priority to be to appreciate and value them above all else.”

– Holly, volunteered in Nepal

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