Change Starts Here Photo Competition

2nd August 2019

As any former volunteer can tell you, the memories made on a Raleigh Expedition stick with you long after it is over and you’ve taken off your boots.

The memories can be big and small, shared or private, lasting only a second or the culmination of weeks or even months of effort. Show a photo of a tippy-tap or a mess tin to two Raleigh alumni and, even if they volunteered years apart from each other, who knows if they’ll ever finish reminiscing about their memories of Expedition.

These memories are often made by the moments which make an Expedition, moments like: your first night in a homestay, washing up using the three-bowl method, landscapes during your trek, completing your community project, making lifelong friends, sharing cultures with your host community, energisers or even a round of Raleigh Olympics. As images, these moments capture instances of change happening right in front of us, and in turn inspire others to get involved and experience these moments for themselves.

This is why we have partnered with Instax on a Volunteer Photography Competition for our Expedition volunteers between June and September this year! We’re challenging volunteers to capture the photo that best defines their Raleigh Expedition experience and really shows how Change Starts Here. Volunteers will then enter through Instagram at the end of their Expedition by posting and tagging us (only one entry per volunteer allowed!). We’ll be accepting a variety of photos from across Expedition’s community, environmental and adventure phases. Rather than taking photos of absolutely anything and everything you see, we encourage volunteers to take time to consider what kind of image will resonate best with them and ideally reflect something of themselves in it.

The winning photographer will receive a Fujifilm Instax Camera and Instax Camera Film Roll so they can continue their budding career as a photographer with some quality equipment to hand! They will also have their photo featured in Raleigh’s monthly newsletter to former volunteers and across our social media sites. Lastly and most importantly, it will be something to boast about at Raleigh reunions in between the endless swapping of stories and photos.

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