Raleigh International to halt advertising on Facebook and Instagram during July

1st July 2020

During July 2020 Raleigh International will stop its paid advertising on Facebook and Instagram in support of the #StopHateForProfit campaign.

We currently use Facebook and Instagram to promote our international volunteering opportunities and to encourage people to recognise and support youth-driven change around the world.

Social media can be a positive tool and can help create real change, but too often it can be used to spread hate and fear. To change the world for the better, young people need safe online spaces where our shared humanity and progress are put before profit.

The platforms we use and fund through advertising must ensure they are not used to spread or enable hate, racism, discrimination, lies, bullying, or dangerous misinformation and propaganda of any kind. Where this is happening, we expect them to take action to stop or prevent it. These businesses must be made to hear that we believe it is their responsibility to do this.

It is time for change.

By supporting the #StopHateForProfit campaign we hope to see meaningful action from Facebook to tackle the many issues facing its platforms, including the removal of harmful content and misinformation. We have also written to them to make our views clear.

We are under no illusions. We know we do not have the spending power of big business. And we know that we have more to lose from missed support and fundraising than many other organisations. However, we feel that by not acting we would not be staying true to our values and those of our global movement of young people.

It is time for action.

We will use the month of July to review our approach to digital advertising and further plan how we can take action against all forms of hate and discrimination. We also commit to use our advertising budget for this month to support and promote safe and diverse online spaces and media, and we will examine how we can continue to do this in future.

Got any ideas for how we can do better? Contact us via: info@raleighinternational.org

Want to find out more? Visit: stophateforprofit.org