Raleigh and RedSofa announce Nepal partnership

18th April 2016
Redsofa logo

Raleigh International is excited to announce an exciting new partnership with boutique recruitment agency, RedSofa London.

RedSofa is a boutique recruitment agency for the creative industry that is built on personal relationships, and is now the fastest growing agency in Britain. As Raleigh begins operations in Nepal this year, the agency will generously fund the places of ten Nepalese volunteers to join an Expedition. The collaboration makes RedSofa the first corporate partner to support Raleigh’s work in Nepal.

Volunteers from host countries are vital to Raleigh Expeditions. The initiative gives Nepalese youth an opportunity to help make their country more resilient for the challenges that lie ahead, and to become active citizens of the future.

Sharing values is crucial to any partnership. Just as RedSofa creates opportunities for professionals, Raleigh’s programmes are designed to ensure that volunteers can develop leadership and employability skills which will create opportunities for them going forward.

“RedSofa are proud to be partnering with Raleigh International by funding Nepalese volunteers to take part in Raleigh’s first expedition to Nepal,” said Rod Howells, RedSofa’s Managing Director. “We believe in creating opportunities and we are pleased to now enable the creation of opportunities for disadvantaged young people in Nepal to develop their confidence, leadership and soft skills.”

“We hope this will be the first partnership of many that will support our work in Nepal,” said Raleigh’s James Sutton. “We would like to give RedSofa a warm welcome to the Raleigh family and thank them for being part of our mission to create lasting change through youth.”