Youth are the key to achieving the Global Goals

30th September 2015

Over the weekend, 17 ambitious goals and 169 targets were adopted by world leaders.

By 2030 the United Nations hopes to achieve three overall objectives through the Sustainable Development Goals (better known as the Global Goals): end poverty, fight inequality and tackle climate change. Raleigh International believes that young people are the key to achieving these goals.

Young people have the energy, commitment and creativity to ensure that their leaders deliver on their promises. We see this in action every day, where young Raleigh volunteers from around the world work alongside communities to improve access to safe sanitation, to establish sustainable enterprises, and ultimately to empower them to live the quality of life they aspire to.

We also saw this in action earlier this month, where young volunteers from around the world met in Dar Es Salaam and London for two key youth summits to have their voices heard by leaders such as the Secretary of State for International Development, Justine Greening.

This is an incredibly exciting era for youth in development. There are 1.8 billion young people in the world. That’s 1.8 billion solutions to the problems we face. And 1.8 billion potential leaders for positive, lasting change. Youth played an instrumental role in developing the post-2015 agenda. It is now time for them to deliver these goals and shape the future. And it is our responsibility to give them the opportunity to do so.