How we do it

The Raleigh values

Our values are at the heart of our work. They guide how we do what we do. They are shared by our supporters, volunteers, project partners and the communities with whom we work.

Find the courage

We find the courage to step out of our comfort zone and create change.

Open to discovery

We are open-minded to trying new things and learn from one another.

Never give up

We have the grit, determination and resilience to get the job done.

Create impact together

We seek to maximise long-lasting impact in everything we do.

Act with integrity

We act with honesty and respect, and we take responsibility for doing what we say.

The Raleigh Way

The Raleigh Way describes the unique way in which the Raleigh community brings the Raleigh values to life.

A young volunteer in Tanzania demonstrates how to use a tippy tap

Project partners, local communities and young people find the courage to work side by side and support each other to find the best solutions for change.

Volunteers give a presentation on their activities and share learning with other young people in Nicaragua

Young volunteers from all nationalities and backgrounds, including the host communities, join either the Expedition programme or the ICS programme.

They are trained in at least three of these activities depending on the volunteering programme: undertaking action research, raising awareness, sharing and exchanging knowledge with peers, building community infrastructure, developing key resources and supporting local partners.

They are keen to discover new ways of working and learn from each other.

Volunteers and community members open a toilet block in Malaysian Borneo

We work with our project partners to create project planning tools. These outline what we seek to achieve on each project and ensure we act with integrity.

So, we might be constructing gravity-fed systems bringing safe water to families for the first time; building toilets with those who have never had one; raising awareness of health and environmental issues and influencing positive behaviour change; or bringing communities together to work more closely with each other and share resources.

A school girl in Tanzania washes her hands using a 'tippy tap' made from wood, a jerry can full of water and soap on a string

We seek to maximize long-lasting impact at a grassroots level, bringing transformational change to people’s lives in poor rural communities and protecting vulnerable environments.

Volunteers on the Miratombo Trek in Nicaragua

The youth leadership culture we instill in young volunteers from the host country and other countries as well as the Raleigh National Society Programme ensures that young people never give up on creating lasting change.

By working alongside young people to create positive change, communities develop their knowledge and confidence and become more empowered.

Our strategy

Read more about our approach by reading our 2017-2020 strategy:

Young people driving sustainable development

Raleigh International Strategy 2017-2020

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