How we do it

Three lens approach

Our work is based on the ‘three-lens approach’ identified by the UK Department for International Development, the World Bank and the United Nations Development Programme in their Youth Strategy. We work with young people across all stages of this three-lens approach.

Three lens approach

Our staff and young people in-country collaborate with governments, local organisations, businesses and communities. We work through a behaviour change approach because it makes development more effective and achieves lasting change at scale.

Youth volunteering

For many years, we have led the way in working with young people to achieve development outcomes. We equip them with the skills, confidence and experiences they need to be empowered, effective and energetic partners in development.

Young volunteers from all nationalities and backgrounds, including the host communities, deliver Raleigh’s programmes by joining either the Expedition or the ICS programme.

By working alongside young people to create positive change, communities develop their knowledge and confidence and become more empowered. The activities young people carry out in the community are proven to create change, using well evidenced behavioural science techniques based on strong academic foundations.

Raleigh Expeditions

We support and encourage young people to have an impact where it matters most. Our Expedition volunteers help empower local communities by improving people’s access to safe water and sanitation, building stronger communities and protecting the world’s resources.

Raleigh Expeditions offer young people a unique opportunity to work on remote community and environmental projects and face adventure challenges in some of the most incredible areas of the world.

Volunteers are trained in at least three of the following activities, depending on the programme they take part in:

  • undertaking action research

  • raising awareness

  • sharing and exchanging knowledge with peers

  • building community infrastructure

  • developing key resources

  • supporting local partners

International Citizen Service (ICS)

ICS is a development programme that brings together young people from the UK and developing countries to volunteer in some of the poorest communities around the world.

We deliver our ICS programmes in Nepal, Nicaragua and Tanzania. Teams are made up of volunteers of all backgrounds, from the UK and from the local country.

ICS is led by VSO and funded by the UK Government. Raleigh is working alongside other respected development organisations to deliver the ICS programme in over 30 countries.

National Societies

We aim to have a lasting impact in all the countries in which we work. For every country we work in, a Raleigh society is established as a separate entity.

Formed predominantly of Raleigh alumni these societies share our values and contribute towards our overall vision and mission through their own activities. Often the societies contribute directly towards Raleigh’s programmes via fundraising, recruiting and supporting our monitoring and evaluation.

By supporting and strengthening our National societies, we are building strong youth civil society organisations capable of adding and demonstrating the value of youth engagement on sustainability issues. Our societies form a strong Raleigh family that advocates and showcases the value of youth action and engagement.

Corporate Partnerships

Businesses have been identified by the UN and other stakeholder groups as crucial to achieving the Global Goals. They offer valuable resources that can add value to development programmes – time, expertise, funding, and ideas.

Raleigh aims to work with organisations that have similar values and purpose to our own. We work with corporate partners in a number of ways. For example:

  • Buildbase fund school water, sanitation and hygiene projects in Tanzania and their employees give their time to volunteer on those projects.

  • Google employees participate in skills-based volunteering programmes with us, providing support to young entrepreneurs.

  • BNP Paribas (Suisse) provided financial support to water, sanitation and hygiene projects and funded host country volunteers in Nepal.

  • Nationwide Platform employees take part in Raleigh Expedition as Volunteer Project Managers, as part of their leadership development programme.

We offer leadership development for employees, brand building through alignment with our youth brand, and a wide variety of sustainable development programmes for corporate responsibility strategies to support. When there is alignment between shared goals and shared vision, we find that partnerships last longer and create more impact.

Our strategy

Read more about our approach by reading our 2017-2020 strategy:

Young people driving sustainable development

Raleigh International Strategy 2017-2020

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