Volunteer stories

Rosanna Preston, aged 18, from York, volunteered in Costa Rica and Nicaragua on a Raleigh Expedition during her gap year in early 2018. Rosanna wanted to take a gap year to travel and push herself out of her comfort zone before going back to study. After returning to the UK she will start an undergraduate degree at the University of Edinburgh.

Charlotte, aged 19, from Cambridge, traveled to Tanzania on a Raleigh International Expedition in 2017. Charlotte took a gap year after her A-level results as she wasn’t sure whether she wanted to go to university or what course to take. She is now preparing to go to the University of Exeter in September to study Geography.

Harry, aged 18, from Bradford on Avon in Wiltshire, traveled to Nepal on a Raleigh International Expedition in early 2017. Harry took a gap year between his A-levels and university after missing the grades required to secure a place at his preferred university. He resat two exams after returning from volunteering and is now studying at university.