Community resilience

We support people to build their capacity and capability to respond to environmental, social and economic challenges. Our projects bring groups of people together to plan for the future and address the issues they face as a community.

A lack of employment opportunities is one of the factors driving migration of young people from rural areas towards cities. In Nicaragua and Tanzania, we work with young entrepreneurs in rural communities to improve their livelihoods and gain further knowledge on running their businesses. As part of our Raleigh ICS programme, 625 young entrepreneurs from some of the poorest communities received support from volunteers over a six-month period to develop their business plans, access finance, link up with mentors and start running their businesses.

A completed early learning community centre in Ndala, Tanzania

A completed early learning community centre in Ndala, Tanzania

Access to education is key to the empowerment of young people. In Tanzania, volunteers work to provide Early Childhood Development centres for rural communities, constructing pre-primary education facilities for up to 130 vulnerable children.

“The development of ‘business and life skills’ is crucial to the young entrepreneurs’ success. Gains in confidence, self-esteem, and around communicating in public were all extensively reported by entrepreneurs as a result of working with (Raleigh) volunteers.”

– Overseas Development Institute, ‘Building pathways to youth entrepreneurship’

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