Helping to deliver sustainable jobs, skills and businesses for young people.

The global challenge

Young people face large scale, complex challenges to finding productive work and employment. Globally, 600 million young people are unemployed or not in education or training. This figure is set to grow.

Young people often lack the skills and experience that are essential in the workplace. They have difficulty accessing capital and credit, information and business networks. In rural areas, employment opportunities are often low skilled, low waged and unstable. They also depend heavily on natural resources and the environment, which will be increasingly exposed to climate related shocks.

Our approach

We bring groups of people together to plan for the future and address the issues they face as a community. We support people to build their capacity to respond to environmental, social and economic challenges.

Our programme focuses on young women and rural youth who are particularly at risk.

Our goal

Sustained, safe, dignified and fair work for 10,000 young people.

Contributing to Global Goals:

Our activities

Increasing the number of successful young business owners by:
  • Training young people in the skills they need to develop and act on viable business ideas

  • Building the confidence and motivation of budding young entrepreneurs

  • Increasing communities’ encouragement and support to young entrepreneurs

  • Helping entrepreneurs to access finance and mentoring support to start-up their businesses

  • Increase the number of young people in safe, dignified and fair employment

  • Working with training organisations to provide young people with the skills they need to get and excel in a job

  • Working with employers to improve working conditions and match job opportunities or apprenticeships with young people

  • Building the confidence of unemployed young people

  • Helping young people to access job information and mentoring support from their peers and local business owners 

Raleigh in action: Nicaragua and Tanzania

In Nicaragua and Tanzania, we work with young entrepreneurs in rural communities to improve their livelihoods and gain further knowledge on running their businesses.

As part of our Raleigh ICS programme, 625 young entrepreneurs from some of the poorest communities received support from volunteers over a six-month period to develop their business plans, access finance, link up with mentors and start running their businesses.

Access to education is key to the empowerment of young people. In Tanzania, volunteers work to provide Early Childhood Development centres for rural communities, constructing pre-primary education facilities for up to 130 vulnerable children.