Natural resource management

We work to ensure communities can live sustainably without having a negative impact on the ecosystems and biodiversity around them.

We support communities to better manage their natural resources in order to generate jobs, value and wellbeing from their existing natural resources. We put youth at the heart of this by giving them the skills, knowledge and support to build the capacity of rural communities to raise awareness and call for policy changes.

Our projects combine promoting sustainable and environmentally friendly livelihoods with immersing young people in areas of outstanding natural importance, giving them a sense of why nature must be protected.

A volunteer working on a natural resource management project in Nicaragua

A volunteer working on a natural resource management project in Nicaragua

In Costa Rica we work in communities that live in the buffer zones around national parks, encouraging lifestyles that protect biodiversity without restricting their need to develop. We contribute towards research that generates global awareness of the importance of natural resources. In Borneo, where volunteers have access to some of the most bio diverse places on earth, we support scientists and researchers to carry out their work.

“Our protected areas have benefited tremendously from the work of Raleigh International’s volunteers since the mid-1980s. They have invested lots of time and energy in helping us to undertake maintenance and construction works such as construction of suspension bridges, water gravity systems and trail blazing. Our field staff have also gained a lot from the presence of the volunteers, who come from different parts of the globe, as this enabled them to share experiences and learn from each other, as well as raise their self-esteem and confidence in communicating with foreign visitors.”

– Dr Waidi Sinun, Group Manager of Conservation and Environmental Management Division (Yayasan Sabah)

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