Natural resource management

Empowering a generation of champions of the natural environment.

The global challenge

For decades, the world’s natural resources have been abused and depleted. This has led to major loses of biodiversity and wildlife, and harm to the communities who depend on them.

We need to change consumption habits across the world to conserve the environment and its valuable resources. Climate change threatens to do further damage as temperatures and sea levels rise, ecosystems are altered, and extreme weather events become more frequent and severe.

Our approach

We work to ensure communities can live sustainably and protect the ecosystems and biodiversity around them. We support them to better manage their natural resources to generate jobs, value and well-being.

We arm young people with the skills and knowledge to support rural communities to raise awareness of issues and call for policy changes. Our projects immerse young people in areas of outstanding natural importance, demonstrating why nature must be protected.

Our goal

Increased resilience in more than 200 communities through the sustainable management of resources.

Contributing to Global Goals:

Our activities

Volunteers work in partnership with local communities to deliver a wide range of activities, driven by the needs of the communities we work in.

Protecting biodiversity by:
  • Running awareness raising campaigns and workshops

  • Installing infrastructure, including trails, bridges and guard huts, to improve access to protected areas

  • Running reforestation projects

  • Working with communities to change habits, including promoting alternatives to firewood.

Conserving key biodiversity inside and outside of protected areas by:
  • Building or restoring infrastructure such as waste management, recycling points and drainage to protect and manage natural resources

  • Running conservation management training

  • Setting up local committees to manage and maintain infrastructure inside and outside of protected areas

  • Supporting local youth and others to develop successful sustainable businesses

  • Training communities to monitor, report on and therefore safeguard protected areas

Helping to make communities more resilient to climate related changes and degradation to their environment by:
  • Building local knowledge, skills and capacity to adapt to climate change and mitigate its effects

  • Supporting local youth and others to develop successful sustainable businesses

  • Running training about climate change, environmental degradation and adaptive agricultural practices

Raleigh in action: Costa Rica

In Costa Rica we work in communities that live in the buffer zones around national parks, encouraging lifestyles that protect biodiversity without restricting their need to develop.

We contribute towards research that generates global awareness of the importance of natural resources.