Youth leadership

Our programmes bring together young volunteers from a diverse range of backgrounds and nationalities, including youth from the countries where we work, to inspire and further develop them as active citizens.

We believe that young people can be agents of change on both a global and local scale. Often these young people are excluded from decision making that affects them because of a lack of knowledge, skills or voice. We tackle this issue by challenging young people to go beyond their comfort zones on a trek or as a leader during a placement, engaging in structured reflection activities throughout.

A volunteer speaks to a community entrepreneur during a workshop on business ideas

A volunteer speaks to a community entrepreneur during a workshop on business ideas

Projects undertaken within one of the other thematic programmes always have a youth leadership component in their design. All participants are involved in a curriculum of active citizenship that encourages development of the key knowledge and skills required to be able to tackle issues that matter to each individual.

“Raleigh helps people learn new skills. I have learnt how to raise awareness about issues such as the importance of hand-washing and how to build co-operation and respect within a community. I hope to use this knowledge in the future to help people to solve their problems such as reducing diseases through hand washing. Through Raleigh, I understand the responsibilities of a leader and how to lead within a group. I am more confident in myself. Volunteering is very important because it helps people to develop their competence. I’ve seen this for myself – as a volunteer I’ve learnt so many things.”

– Fadhila, Tanzanian volunteer

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