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Partner and Support

Join us to help young people around the world take action.

We work with a global movement of young people who are generating solutions to the most urgent crises facing the planet.  Many barriers prevent people from making positive changes to their lives. Innovative solutions are needed to balance economic, social and environmental needs. Stand with us and contribute to sustainable development in communities around the world, and help support young people become the leaders for positive change in their own communities.

Support us

Young people need your help in building a fair, inclusive and green word where they confront the planet’s most urgent crises. Find out how you can support youth-led action today, either through donating to the causes that young people are championing, becoming a fundraiser or checking out our merchandise.

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Corporate Partnerships

Our impactful corporate partnerships have been achieved through the giving of expertise, funding, volunteers, communication channels and ideas – but it shouldn’t just end there – and at Raleigh International we encourage conversations with businesses where there is alignment between shared goals, vision and believing in the power of young people. All of these create more ambitious partnerships where ultimately impact is achieved on many levels.

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Trusts and Foundations

Grant-making trusts and foundations are vital partners for Raleigh International and we are always excited to work with new and existing partners. Together, we can ignite youth-led action, creating solutions to the world’s most urgent challenges around health, support for youth employment and skills, and tackling the climate crisis.

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Youth Organisations and Universities

Our programmes offer young people the chance to step out of their comfort zone, develop new skills, and open their mind to new cultures and ways of life. By partnering with us we can unite in a common aim to encourage young people to engage in active citizenship and impact positive change in communities around the world.

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