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Corporate Partnerships

Place your company at the heart of turbocharging youth-led action.

We believe in the power of partnership to create ‘win-win’ outcomes, delivering shared value to the businesses that we partner with, and for Raleigh International, the young people who are wanting to take action now.

Our impactful corporate partnerships have been achieved through the giving of expertise, funding, volunteers, communication channels and ideas – but it shouldn’t just end there – and at Raleigh International we encourage conversations with businesses where there is alignment between shared goals, vision and believing in the power of young people. All of these create more ambitious partnerships where ultimately impact is achieved on many levels.

We are always looking at how to create a sustainable future propelled through the actions of young people. We know our corporate partners are a crucial enabler of making this happen.

We partner with businesses of all different sizes wanting not just to be part of the conversation but part of the solution. Together, we amplify impact for young people to create solutions to the world’s most urgent problems.


Does your business have a collaboration idea? Let us know!

We’re always open to new ways of thinking and would love to discuss partnership ideas with you. Please send your idea to Simon Brett, Corporate Partnerships Development Manager, and we will come back to you.

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Here are just some of the ways businesses have created strategic, problem-solving partnerships with Raleigh International to accelerate youth-led action.

Download our Corporate Partnerships Impact Report here to read more about our partnerships and provide inspiration for the kinds of impactful partnerships we create.

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