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Donate now to support youth-led action.

This generation of young people will change the world, but they need our help.

Young people posses the energy, determination, belief and idealism that we need in order to build a greener and fairer planet but they are excluded from the spaces where they work to make this vision a reality. We’re working with young people to change that.

Every contribution that our supporters make to youth-led action helps us to transform the dreams and ambitions of young people everywhere into a reality. Stand with us today.

£10 could support young people in Tanzania to plant 15 trees that conserve biodiversity and combat the climate crisis.

Donate £10

£50 could enable one young entrepreneur in Tanzania to develop their business plan and launch a new sustainable enterprise.

Donate £50

£100 could provide a young person from an underprivileged background with the kit and equipment they need to participate in one of our youth leadership programmes, such as a Raleigh Expedition.

Donate £100

Become a Patron of Youth-Driven Change

Many Raleigh alumni, and indeed family members of Raleigh alumni have gone on to become patrons of youth driven change. Our patrons are some of the greatest champions of the power of young people that we know. Their regular and generous contributions enable us to continue working side by side with young people to design and deliver programmes which support some of the world’s most marginalised. If you’re interest in becoming a Patron of our work we would love to hear from you. To get in contact with us, email our Global Youth for Change Manager Tina Burrows on