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Youth Organisations and Universities

Throughout our history we have partnered with a variety of organisations who share our values of creating lasting change through youth.

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Why partner with Raleigh International

Our programmes offer young people the chance to step out of their comfort zone, develop new skills, and open their mind to new cultures and ways of life. We encourage young people to create innovative solutions that keep people healthy and safe from disease and create a cleaner, fairer, more sustainable future for the planet. By partnering with us we can unite in a common aim to encourage young people to engage in active citizenship and impact positive change in communities around the world.

Raleigh Expedition Re:Green


We have developed partnerships with several universities across the UK to offer students an experiential and immersive learning experience outside of the classroom. Raleigh programmes are based on experiential and reflective learning methodologies that are a powerful way of developing skills, knowledge, awareness and capabilities. Expedition aligns well with university and college work-based learning or personal and social development modules which is why students from a broad range of disciplines join us as part of their academic study.

Gap Year/Educational Consultants

Taking a gap year is an opportunity to take a break from a career or academic track, grow personally, and give something back. Gap Year consultants recommend us because we offer an alternative to backpacking or voluntourism. Raleigh Expedition is an opportunity to get involved in genuine charity work with a non-profit organisation that has over 35 years’ experience of working in sustainable development.

What some of our partners say

“We've joined Raleigh International so we can help young Dutch people learn about the world, themselves, and cooperation”.

“The young volunteers we send abroad with Raleigh International come back enthusiastic, conscious, and committed. A great gift for everyone!”

“The Gap Year Association are proud to associate with Raleigh International. Their gap year programming have met the highest standards for gap year education, as recognized but the US Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission”.

Why partner with us?

How can we make a difference by working together?

If you would like to hear more about effective partnerships and what we can offer your organisation, then please contact Dom by sending an email or booking in a call.

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