Google Employees

Since 2015 Raleigh International has run an annual employee-led programme with employees of Google EMEA, focusing on providing additional support to youth entrepreneurs in the communities where we run our youth livelihood programmes – Tanzania, Nicaragua, and Nepal, involving 97 Google employees.

In Tanzania, where the programme took place in 2016-18, 53.3% of the total number of people unemployed are young people. Rural youth in particular have poorer access to markets, infrastructure, finance, training and skills than their urban counterparts, and there are very few job prospects. Starting a microenterprise is a viable route out of poverty for many of these young people but many lack support to gain the appropriate skills needed to grow their microenterprises.

Googlers not only have the right skillsets to deliver additional entrepreneurship training and support, but their corporate culture enables them to be ambitious thinkers, and by nature these volunteers are very flexible and adaptable, and good at developing creative solutions to the business challenges faced by the entrepreneurs.

Partnership Objectives and Benefits

  • Leverage the skills and experience of the Google volunteers to increase the skills and knowledge that entrepreneurs need to develop viable and successful enterprises
  • Continue to create positive support from the wider community for the entrepreneurs in order to have a more enabling environment for their enterprise to succeed
  • Push the limits of the Googlers’ creativity and innovation, and their ability to develop non-traditional solutions for challenging, undefined problems
  • Gain an understanding of the role that business can play in reducing poverty


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