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Expedition Insurance and Health Guidance

Raleigh International requests that each participant (Volunteer and Volunteer Manager) coming on the Expedition have insurance with a minimum coverage of US$1 million for medical care, accident, COVID-19, sickness, return home, disability, and death.

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Details of the insurance you need to have

Protection and assistance: If your medical insurance does not include travel coverage, we recommend that you purchase additional travel insurance.

Insurer: Ensure it covers your Expedition country (Costa Rica or South Africa).

Assistance Providers: Raleigh staff or Volunteer Manager will accompany you for any required medical attention during Expedition. You will be accompanied by at least one person who can communicate in the local language.

Policy Period: The coverage must cover from the day you arrive in the country until the day the Expedition ends. We recommend that it be done for the ideal length from departure from home to return to the home country.

What Raleigh does not provide for your Expedition programme

Unless these are covered by a separate agreement, you are solely responsible for purchasing and/orobtaining:

  • Medical insurance
  • Personal equipment
  • International flights
  • Cost associated with travel, such has Government required quarantine
  • Costs associated with you not adhering to Raleigh International’s requirements of participation
  • Vaccinations (read below)
  • Medical checks, test or certificates
  • Background checks (e.g.DBS)
  • Medicine for pre-existing conditions
  • Additional insurance if required
  • Visas (if applicable)

Recommended courses

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You must disclose health information

You must disclose complete and accurate details of all pre-existing physical or mental health considerations and anything else that may affect your ability to partake in the Expedition, including confirmation that you have received the mandatory vaccinations that we consider essential for travel to the Expedition country.

Health disclosure information must be provided by the Health Form as notified to you in your Welcome email from us. Otherwise, we may withdraw your offer. You must receive health clearance from us before booking your flights to travel and before partaking in the Expedition.

The health clearance process may involve obtaining a medical check, test, certificate, or treatment from a registered doctor at your own expense. We will confirm by email once clearance is confirmed by Raleigh International.

As part of this health form, you agree to disclose the same to your insurers to ensure you are covered for all medical care whilst on Expedition.

You are responsible for vaccinations

It is your responsibility to make sure that you have had the appropriate and adequate vaccinations prior to going abroad and, if necessary, are taking the appropriate antimalarial medications. We accept no responsibility for your decision not to obtain the mandatory or recommended vaccinations. In the event you were to arrive on Expedition without the mandatory vaccinations or anti-malarial medications, you will be required to obtain these at your own cost before you are allowed to continue with the Expedition programme.

Raleigh International Team reserves the right to exclude anyone from participating in the Expedition if they have not obtained the mandatory vaccinations and/or are not taking thee appropriate anti-malarial medication.