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How we are adapting our UK programme to be Covid-safe

Find out more on how we have adapted our Re:Green programme to be Covid safe.

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Last updated 08/06/2021

As positive news continues around lockdowns easing and vaccinations being received, we are continuing to prepare COVID-adapted programmes to best ensure the safety of our communities, staff and volunteers.

We are continuing to review and monitor advice provided by the UK Government and relevant authorities, and develop our operational plans and protocols, as travel restrictions ease over the next few months and will keep everyone up to date with any changes / adaptations we may need to make to ensure safe and impactful programmes.

Our staff team continues to work remotely at home or to a limited degree in each of our offices. Throughout we have remained fully connected and focused on restarting our international volunteering programmes, continuing to deliver our national volunteer programmes, where safe to do so and developing this new UK programme.

How we have responded so far

Last year, in March 2020, we suspended our international volunteering programmes because of the global pandemic. We are proud to have successfully and safely returned over 500 volunteers home from their various programme locations. For the safety of our volunteers, staff, partners, and the communities we work with, we also made the difficult decision to suspend our international programmes until such a time we felt we could safely run our Raleigh Expeditions. We are very happy to say that we feel confident we will be able to safely run all our programmes starting this July.

Please see below the current answers to some frequently asked questions. Get in touch if you are unable to find the answer you need.

Covid-19 Related FAQs

How is the Re:Green programme being adapted to be Covid-secure and to keep volunteers and communities safe?

We are constantly monitoring and assessing the situation across the UK. We will only go ahead with our programmes when we know that we can maintain our high standards of safety and risk management. We continue to review and update our operational protocols to ensure we can work safely. We will give finalised, full detailed guidance prior to the upcoming Re:Green programme, but for your safety and that of others, the measures may look like the following:

Before your programme

During the programme

Overall, our principle will be to deliver the programme in a physically distanced model, being creative to ensure as few of the key ingredients of the Re:Green experience are compromised as possible.  However, the fundamental principles are to:​

In addition:​

What happens if I were to sign up now to volunteer and Raleigh International are forced to reschedule the programme due to Covid-19?

You will be able to secure your place with confidence; if we have to reschedule the programme in advance due to COVID-19, we’ll offer you an alternative programme so you will be able to defer your place to a future Re:Green programme.

If you are unable to travel due to travel bans or quarantine restrictions, then we will offer you the option to transfer your place to an alternative programme within the next 18 months.

If we cancel the programme and you are unable to defer or switch programme, as per our Terms and Conditions, if we ‘have to cancel due to unforeseen circumstances, we retain the right to deduct from such funds a proportion of costs incurred.’ We will offer to return a proportion, depending on the timing of cancellation, of directly contributed fundraising.

As an example:

If Raleigh International are forced to cancel the programme prior to departure, we will have already incurred significant planning costs of the expected volunteer fundraising for that programme (prior to 12 weeks 50%; 12-6 weeks 70%; less than 6 weeks 85% (percentage ‘X’)). Therefore, we will 1) calculate X% of total fundraising or the deposit, whichever is greater (figure A); 2) calculate / ascertain the direct/ non-online contributions made (figure B); 3) return the lower of figure A or B. Direct/ non-online contributions are those paid directly to Raleigh International by credit or debit card, cheque or bank transfer by volunteer or close family. Indirect or online contributions are those donated to Raleigh International via an online giving platform by the volunteers’ supporters, as irrevocable donations to our work.

Will I get my deposit back?

As outlined above, the deposit you paid is included in the calculation as part of step 1 and will be retained by Raleigh International as a minimum.

What happens if I get Covid-19 just before the programme starts?

Please get in touch and let us know. It is essential you do not join if you have COVID-19. Depending on timing / availability you may be able to join a Re:Green programme a few weeks later or defer to any Expedition over the next 18 months. If this is not possible, we may be able to return some of your fundraising contributions, pending medical evidence of the diagnosis.