Find a friend

One of the enduring features of a Raleigh Expedition is the strong bonds which are formed by those taking part. Experiences are shared, memories are created and friends for life are made.

We often receive requests from alumni searching for friends from their Expedition who they have lost touch with. To help you reconnect with old friends, we’ve developed the Raleigh Friend Finder.

The service allows you to search our database for your friends. All you need is the name, Expedition code and Expedition country of the person you’re trying to find. Once the person has been located, you can send them an email via our system, ensuring that the contact details of the recipient remains anonymous. The recipient can then respond to you through our system should they wish to do so.

Friend Finder is fun and easy to use and is accessible to all alumni who have completed our alumni registration form. The system will search through all alumni on our database.

Follow the simple steps below to find your friends:

1. Join our alumni network

When completing the form, make sure to fill in the Expedition country correctly and use the 09A, 04F, 1B format for the code and nothing else (i.e. Not “04F Namibia”)

2. Check your inbox

You will receive an email confirming that you have joined the alumni network. The email will include your password for Friend Finder. You will receive a further email confirming your access to Friend Finder; please allow up to 48 hours for this to arrive.

3. Log in to Raleigh Friend Finder

Login via our Netsuite portal using your email address and the password emailed to you.

4. Click on the Raleigh Friend Finder option

You will find it on the right hand side of the screen.

5. Search for your friend

In order to find your friends you must enter a minimum of your friend’s first name, the Expedition code and the Expedition country. The surname and friend’s country (where your friend is now living) fields are optional. Please note the above instructions regarding the Expedition code.

Once you have found your friend, click on Send Message to compose your email.

6. Compose your message

Once you have composed your message, click ‘Send Message’. A pop-up will appear confirming that the message has been sent.

If you receive an error message in response to your email stating “Error: Could not send message…because: null” that is because there is no email address on the system for the person you are trying to contact.

If you have any problems using Friend Finder or any comments for us please email