ICS Action at Home

  1. What is the overall objective of Action at Home?

    Action at Home is about using your experience of living and working with communities struggling to maintain their livelihoods to communicate a deeper understanding of how we can tackle global inequality and poverty together.

    Through your action at home project, you should endeavour to raise awareness of development issues and inspire others to take positive action in your UK community.

    The project should be based on a cause that you feel passionate about, so that it is something you are proud of and has a sustainable impact.

  2. How long do I have to complete your Action at Home project?

    Three months from your Return Volunteer event. The deadline will always be communicated to you at your pre-departure event and throughout your placement. If your action will take longer to complete than three months, you need to demonstrate that you have begun planning your action within the three month window in order to receive your certificate.


    You want to host a youth conference twelve months on from when you return as it coincides with a UN meeting. Within the 3-month window, you need to demonstrate that you’ve booked the venue, sent out invites and so on.

  3. Do Team Leaders need to complete an Action at Home project?

    Yes, all leaders are required to attend an Return Volunteer event and deliver a project.

  4. Can I work in a group to deliver my Action at Home project?

    Yes, projects can be delivered as a group, but you will need to complete your Action at Home reports individually.

  5. How do I know that my Action at Home project counts?

    The Active Citizen Goals act as a guide for volunteers to check if their project will be enough to graduate. Your project must relate to two or more of the goals. If you are unsure, the Action at Home coordinator can check before you submit the report.

  6. Can UK Return Volunteers deliver their projects outside of the UK?

    Yes, as there are many actions that can be delivered remotely, such as producing a video or developing a website. If you wish to deliver an event or activity abroad, you can discuss this with the Action at Home coordinator who will advise on how to ensure your action also has impact in the UK.

  7. What happens if I don’t complete my Action at Home project?

    You will be withdrawn from the programme and will not receive your certificate or access any alumni offers.

  8. What support will I get to develop and deliver your Action at Home project and who provides this?

    You will be invited to a 1-day Return Volunteer training event. Following your training, the Action at Home Coordinator will provide UK Return Volunteers with the support needed to take action. National volunteers will receive this support from in-country staff. You do not need to wait until your training to start delivering your action at home project.

  9. How do I let you know that I have completed Action at Home?

    You will need to complete the short form that has been emailed to you by ICSapplications that asks what you did, how it relates to your ICS experience and what your plans are for the future. If you haven’t received your Action at Home form please get in touch with your Action at Home contact.