ICS Action at Home

Need some inspiration? Have a look at the outstanding Action at Home projects that Raleigh ICS volunteers have completed, and see how you can become a Leader of Change!

Abinav at the UNDP event in Chengdu, China
Abinav Bhattachan – Volunteer, Tanzania

Abinav’s video about his Raleigh ICS Livelihoods project won him the prestigious role of Global Goals Champion with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). Together with sixteen other Champions, Abinav was invited to Chengdu, China to be officially appointed and to get an insight into panda conservation.

As a champion his task is to raise awareness about the Global Goals through social media and online campaigns, encouraging others to make a difference.

Alexandra's bracelets
Alexandra Carlin – Volunteer, Nicaragua

Alexandra has been making bracelets with Nicaraguan coins as an incentive for people to donate £4 to a charity of their choice. She has also joined a charity within her community of Lincoln called Homeless Period. It is a charity that focuses on the collection and distribution of sanitary and basic hygiene products for the increasing number of homeless women in Lincoln.

Sammy at his fundraising event
Sammy Assayed – Volunteer, Tanzania

As part of World Aids Day, Sammy organised a fundraising event at the one of the busiest bars in Brighton. Throughout the night, Sammy and his friends did a bucket collection and held an auction on stage which raised over £5000 for the Terrence Higgins Trust.

He also raised awareness about free testing in the area and created a dialogue about HIV and AIDS to end the stigma around the disease. Free condoms were distributed and a stall was set up to offer testing, with 24 people getting themselves tested by the end of the night.

Marie Flanagan, Volunteer, Nicaragua

Marie wanted to raise awareness about climate change and create a space to highlight small actions people can take to help the cause. She set up a blog and Facebook page called People Against Climate Change Together (PACT).

So far, she has written four blogs about waste management, culture shock and the WWF. She has also and organised and promoted events including collecting recyclable rubbish and distributing teddy bears with climate change tips attached to them in Sheffield.

Ellie Crawshaw, Volunteer, Nepal

Ellie wanted to raise awareness about rape culture by talking about the importance of consent in her local secondary school. She ran an assembly which involved teachers and pupils, and facilitated a mini drama session to show how things can escalate and how to stop this, and what to do if something happens that you’re not comfortable with.

She spoke about her own personal experiences to encourage the pupils to be open about such things themselves. After the event she felt empowered to write a letter to both her local MP and Ofsted, asking them to consider making consent classes a mandatory part of the school curriculum and part of the next generation’s education.

Kasi Allen – Volunteer, Tanzania

Kasi co-founded the charity A Woman’s Wish, focusing on women empowerment, supporting widows and young pregnant women by creating a safe space to express themselves. The project started with school and college visits to promote gender equality and to generate discussions about gender in society and how it affects young people, particularly women. Following these visits, there are now weekly events for vunerable women in her community.

She has also developed a website to provide a forum for discussing issues youth in the UK are faced with. From mental illness to discrimination, it is a chance for people to share experiences and support each other.

Joanne Hewitt & Luke Edwards – Volunteers, Nicaragua

Joanne and Luke teamed up to tackle loneliness amongst students and young adults in their community in Birmingham. They launched a social media page ‘Solitary Birmingham’ for people affected by loneliness to come together and chat, creating a network of support. They have already hosted three successful events, and the network is constantly expanding.

James Clark – Volunteer, Nepal

James wanted to promote inclusivity in his home town of Andover, specifically around the Duke of Edinburgh award scheme. Having completed the Bronze, Sliver and Gold awards, he had a good understanding of the positive impact that the award scheme has on participants, and felt that it should be available to all young people who might be interested. His sister wanted to complete the award but has severe learning difficulties and mild physical difficulties so was unable to join any of the mainstream groups, and the specialist group had ceased running due to the lack of volunteers.

James offered his time to re-open the group by becoming the leader, taking responsibility for assisting with the running of a weekly meeting, bi-annual camping trips and the planning and supervising of expeditions. Along with another parent, they were able to reopen the group, enabling James’ sister, as well as 12 other young people, to participate in the award scheme.

Nadia Ratchford – Volunteer, Nicaragua

Nadia started a female-only boxercise class to challenge gender stereotypes and to provide a safe space for young women. The class has been really popular and has become a space to campaign about gender equality. Nadia posts regularly on social media about the progress of the club using the hashtags #WomenInSport and #HeForShe. She plans to do a sponsored skip around her university campus to continue to promote gender equality.

Miriam Gordon – Volunteer, Nicaragua

Miriam wanted to encourage responsible consumption to students, showing that even on a low budget, you can still eat sustainably. She started a new society at her university where students pay £10 per university term to have a weekly treat delivered to them.

The treats are vegetarian and fair trade, and all profits go to Jimmy’s, a local homeless shelter in Cambridge that provides training courses and emergency shelter for the homeless. Miriam started this project because her ICS placement inspired her to be an agent of change wherever she is, and to tackle local issues as well as international ones.

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