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Need some inspiration? Have a look at the outstanding Action at Home projects that Raleigh ICS volunteers have completed, and see how you can become a Leader of Change!

Oxjam event
Lucy Beever, Nepal Volunteer

Lucy has been volunteering as Fundraising Coordinator for her local Oxjam group. Oxjam is a country-wide music festival organised by volunteers to raise awareness and money for the international development charity Oxfam. Lucy has spent her days off from work booking venues and artists, and organising fundraisers for the event. On top of this, Lucy has organised a separate fundraiser in which she will be abseiling off the transporter bridge in Middlesbrough!

“This seemed the perfect way to give back to my own town as well as for the developing countries around the world. Yes the money goes to Oxfam, but this festival brings people to Huddersfield and gives local bands the chance to play for big audiences.”

Jasper Wilkins
Jasper Wilkins, Nepal Team Leader

Jasper developed a photo exhibition and book in collaboration with Olympus UK. His photographs documented the lives of the people he met whilst volunteering in Gorkha and how they were affected by climate change. Jasper has also set up an organisation called In Focus which aims to create environmental content for NGOs, projects and companies on an international level.

“Climate change is a big issue in Gorkha and this project creates awareness about the realities of the people in the area through photographs and stories.”

Lydia Chester
Lydia Chester, Nicaragua Volunteer

Lydia wanted to encourage young people to take an interest in social action so she started a blog called Be Change. Since its creation, the blog has reached over 3,000 people and includes regular stories from Lydia and 18 other contributors who cover a wide range of topics. More recently, Lydia also started an Etsy store selling Nicaraguan inspired handmade bracelets where customers can choose what charity the profits go to. So far, she has raised £60 for UNICEF, Samaritans and Hope For Justice. She has also spoke at various youth groups about the importance of social action and sustainable living.

“My ICS experience inspired me to use my privileged position to help those who are less fortunate. This is something I am personally trying to do but I wanted to encourage and inspire others to understand too.”

Ben Cotterill
Ben Cotterill, Nepal Volunteer

Ben and his friend Josh Kirk raised £205 for Raleigh International projects by completing the Three Peaks Challenge. The Three Peaks Challenge is an event in which participants aim to climb the highest mountains in England, Scotland and Wales within 24 hours. Ben and Josh handed out leaflets at local charity shops and village halls, and shared posts on social media to raise awareness and fundraise.

“Because of the hardships and challenges faced whilst in Nepal I thought it only fitting that I should choose something physically challenging as a way of sharing Raleigh’s message with those around me. I wanted to show that its worth challenging yourself for this organisation as I did.”

Jasmin Clatworthy
Jasmin Clatworthy, Tanzania Volunteer

Jasmin volunteers with the charity Feed the Homeless to distribute hot food, drinks, clothing, bedding and toiletries to homeless people in Bristol. She is working on validating numbers of homeless people for the council, and in the run-up to the election she was offering advice on how homeless people can register to vote.

She also volunteers once-a-fortnight with 365 Shelter, which offers a safe alternative to a night on the streets. She provides entertainment for the guests, bringing her guitar and singing with other volunteers and guests, as well as hosting quizzes and games or reads stories.

Through volunteering, she has found that charities cannot rely solely on donations, so she is fundraising by running a 10k in July to raise money for the shelter. As well as this, she has organised a bake sale at work to help raise money for Comic Relief, and has started an initiative for the company to reduce the amount of plastic they use.

“I am passionate about helping those around me and getting more involved in my community and I have found volunteering the best way to achieve this. It has been empowering to expand my knowledge and skills, and also create change not only for those around me but personally too and I feel I have grown because of this.”

Nathan Young
Nathan Young, Nepal Volunteer

Nathan has been interviewing homeless people that he meets during his travels and (with their permission) posting their stories along with a photo to his instagram account @stories_from_the_streets. His photos have attracted the attention of other active citizens. An artist has contacted him to ask if she can use his photos to raise money for a homeless charity. Nathan is also volunteering for a soup kitchen in Australia.

I chose to focus my action at home around homelessness after being in New York and witnessing the large amounts of homeless people and how they are sometimes treated by passers-by.”

Laura Parker
Laura Parker, Tanzania Volunteer

Laura hosted a fundraising quiz for Help Refugees, attended by 60 people. She raised almost £400 through entry tickets, a raffle and cake sale. She used the money to purchase items on the ‘urgent’ list and took them to Calais to distribute to refugees. While at the site in Calais, she worked in the community kitchen providing hot, fresh food to those in need. Each day, the kitchen provided over 1000 hot meals to refugees in two locations. The work involved long hours preparing fresh vegetables for meals.

“As a result of my Action at Home, I believe that I will encourage others my age, and those both older and younger to get out there and make a small positive change to an unfortunate bigger picture.”

Jasmine Bigden
Jasmine Bigden, Nepal Volunteer

Jasmine has been campaigning with the charity Ambitious About Autism to raise awareness of the condition in the UK. She made a video about work of the charity, participated in youth council meetings and discussed concerns with Channel 4 over the representation of autistic people in the media. She also appeared on Channel 4 News and a podcast with the author David Mitchell.

“Ambitious About Autism is an organisation close at heart and as someone who is on the spectrum, I have learnt so much from being a youth patron and being able to set an example to other young people. After ICS I was even more inspired to continue with the work which has resulted in being a part of so many events”

Melissa Cheney
Melissa Cheney, Tanzania Volunteer

Melissa delivered a presentation to 150 students at her old university about ICS and how it inspired her to become more involved in her community. She spoke about food poverty, highlighting the increased food bank dependency in the area, and provided students with actions they can take to help.

She has also been volunteering at her local food bank, organising donated parcels and supporting the food bank users. To get her family and friends involved, Melissa held a collection night for the food bank which resulted in lots of donations and guests signing up to volunteer as well.

“I got a lot of pleasure and peace of mind knowing that I helped so many young people in the community we worked with. This satisfaction I got from helping continued when I got home and I have been volunteering as much as I can at my local food bank and have been raising awareness about it since. If I hadn’t done ICS, I wouldn’t have known how much I enjoyed helping people as much as I do now.”

Jamie Munro
Jamie Munro, Nepal Volunteer

Jamie volunteered for the week-long Climatarian Week campaign. The campaign promoted a climate-friendly diet and everyday sustainable food practices. He worked with local restaurants, retail stores, vegetable box deliverers and caterers to provide climate-friendly food options. The campaign also encouraged people to try out the diet for the week, to show people how easy it is to eat a more climate-friendly way.

“The message about the climate impact of food is not very prominent – yet it is a vital issue. I wanted to help raise awareness of the issue. I have realised change can happen through collective individual actions and I believe this is a clear and impactful message that can make a real difference.”

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