ICS Action at Home

Need some inspiration? Have a look at the outstanding Action at Home projects that Raleigh ICS volunteers have completed, and see how you can become a Leader of Change!

Jimmy's Summer Fayre of Awareness-Raising
Jimmy – Volunteer, Nicaragua

Jimmy wanted to spread awareness about global issues in his community, and provide ways for members of the community to get involved. He held a Summer Fayre of Awareness-Raising, giving local and national charities the opportunity to promote their causes and sign up members of the public to volunteer and fundraise. The fayre also featured quizzes, inspiring games, creative drawing, thought-provoking videos, messages of commitment and a selection of music from local musicians.

The event was catered for by The Real Junk Food Project who served up meals from surplus food waste throughout the day. The Mayor of Brighton gave a closing speech and later celebrated Jimmy’s event on Facebook.

Matt modelling a Humantra t-shirt
Matt – Volunteer, Nepal

When Matt and two friends created Humantra, they didn’t want to start ‘just another clothing brand’. Instead, they designed ethical clothing with meaningful messages to create positive social change. To help combat the negative effects of the fashion industry, 10% of all profits go to the Clean Clothes Campaign. Check out their video.

The 'Wonderland' area at the Groove de Lecq festival
Bethany – Team Leader, Tanzania

Bethany wanted to build on her annual community fundraising festival, Groove de Lecq, and introduce an area to promote community groups and charities, and help raise awareness of global issues. Her new area ‘Wonderland’ hosted various speeches including ‘Durrell Conservation Talk’, ‘Jersey in Transition’, and story-telling for children. There was also a tent that displayed refugee art and encouraged people to find out more information and volunteer. Liberate Jersey hosted a fancy dress tent and Mencap decorated a Mad Hatters Tea Party.

The festival raised a phenomenal £30,000 for the British Heart Foundation.

Chrissy's photo exhibition
Chrissy – Team Leader, Tanzania

Chrissy created an exhibition to display photos from her placement; of her team, the community, and aspects of the project. Visitors to the exhibition could pick up an information sheet about Raleigh International and the ICS programme, with details of how to apply.

She was then approached by the social enterprise Aid Works, an international development consultancy based in Sheffield that works to train young people in the North of England to get into development. She conducted a survey in Sheffield City Centre to determine public perceptions of the proportion of the UK Government budget allocated to overseas aid and development.

Chrissy now has a volunteer internship with Dig Deep, a Sheffield-based charity which works within communities in South West Kenya to improve access to water and sanitation and to improve hygiene. Her role is to research and write applications for funding through grants and trusts, and compile data for reports.

Emilia – Volunteer, Nicaragua

Emilia befriended an elderly neighbour to provide her with company and to prevent her feeling lonely and isolated due to her disability. They go out for walks and coffee every week.

She also volunteers weekly with a small organisation in Exeter called Crossline that works with local people, supermarkets and other food establishments to provide food, clothing and equipment for those who are homeless and in difficult circumstances.

Emilia delivered a presentation on her ICS experience and the global goals to the sixth form at her old school to raise awareness of ICS and international development. She also wrote two articles about her experience of Raleigh ICS in Nicaragua for the school’s magazine and her local community newsletter.

Isabel – Volunteer, Nicaragua

Isabel felt that between ICS volunteers and the organisations that deliver the programme there is a wealth of knowledge that, if shared, could amplify the impact of return volunteers’ Action at Home efforts. She constructed the Social Action Network website to bring together the vast amount of resources and information about getting involved in social action and to connect like-minded individuals. It includes a blog section where people can share their experiences of social action, and there is a project profile page where initiatives can be showcased to attract donors and volunteers.

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