ICS Action at Home

Need some inspiration? Have a look at the outstanding Action at Home projects that Raleigh ICS volunteers have completed, and see how you can become a Leader of Change!

Fatuma, Tanzania Volunteer

February 2018 marked 100 years since ‘some’ women were first given the right to vote in the UK. To celebrate this Fatuma organised a film screening of Suffragette at her university.

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They used the event as an opportunity to explain why this anniversary is important and why the fight for equality must continue. Fatuma and her team also held a bake sale to stimulate discussions with fellow students and university staff about the milestone and its significance.

They donated all funds that they raised from their events to a local charity that supports women who experience domestic violence and abuse.

Dylan, Nepal Volunteer

Dylan focussed his Action at Home on fighting the issues faced by LGBTIQ+ homeless people in London.

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First by volunteering regularly for The Outside Project helping them to set up their pilot bus shelter, serving dinners at the main shelter and spending time sitting and chatting to the guests to raise awareness of the project he set up a Reverse Advent Calendar at work. Every day for the whole of December people added gifts; things like tinned food, chocolates, Christmas treats, toiletries and make up were all donated to the shelter.

Oli, Nicaragua Team Leader

Oli is leading a group of 11 civil servants in a project to fight homelessness in London! Through a combination of bake sales, dinner parties, sharing on social media and workshops they have fundraised £1464.

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This money will be split between 2 homelessness charities (Streetlytes and Depaul) and the group’s own ‘mini’ projects. Check out their Justgiving page to support them!

The team are volunteering weekly at Streetlytes and Depaul; cooking and serving meals, corporate fundraising, running skills workshops and raising awareness through flyering.

Additionally, in attempt to bring his new London community closer together, Oli visited all the houses on his street to introduce himself and invite his neighbours to a Facebook group that he had created. So far, he’s used the group to organise a pub quiz and is optimistic that it’ll bring his local community closer together.

Grace, Nepal Volunteer

Drawing inspiration from her lifelong passion to help people affected by homelessness and campaigns like The Homeless Period Project and #menstruationmatters, Grace started a ‘End Hygiene Poverty’ campaign with DENS.

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 Grace and her local DENS Food Bank Manager met to develop her ideas and together they created a Toiletries High Needs List; a list of the items that DENS service users needed urgently at that time.

List in hand, Grace got to work contacting churches, schools and individuals to see if they could donate any urgently needed items.

Grace has been so successful that she is now contacting other local homelessness charities to see if they need any of her excess donations!

Ruaridh, Tanzania Volunteer

‘Mind Yer Self’ is a club night set up by Ruaridh and two of his friends in order to lower the stigma of mental issues by highlighting how common they are and raise money for Penumbra, a local mental health charity.

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 The night runs once every two months at a club in Glasgow and invites local and international DJ’s to play, attracting on average crowds of 170 people!

If you’re in Glasgow and want to go to one of Ruaridh’s nights, check out their Facebook page, which he also uses to share his party guests’ anonymous stories of struggles with mental health. Through these stories he hopes to help people who are currently suffering to feel less isolated.

So far, Ruaridh’s stories have been viewed 4000 times and he’s managed to raise £850.

To find out more you can read this interview or go to the next event!

Maisie-Rose, Tanzania Team Leader

Maisie used her experience in Tanzania to adapt and develop a project that she had started before her placement. Aiming to spread love, hope and inspiration, Maisie leaves secret notes with encouraging messages written on them in public places.

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Now she has branched out to include stats on poverty, injustice and the difference projects can make to inspire strangers who are on their daily commute or going about their day. Maisie’s campaign is an excellent example of how she uses Craftivism alongside her Twitter and Instagram to build momentum. So far Maisie has gained over 9,000 Twitter followers and 1,800 Instagram followers and receives daily messages from strangers to let her know that they found a note and the impact it had on them.

Follow @onemansnote for daily positivity!

Helen and Thomas, Tanzania Volunteers

Some of Tanzania’s volunteers didn’t let being in different hemispheres stop them continuing to work as a team! Working with their Tanzanian counterparts, Helen and Thomas have started Mema Tanzania, an NGO dedicated to fight the issue of girls not feeling able to attend school during their periods, missing out on vital education.

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After they opened a bank account for their project, Thomas did a sponsored 26 miles walk from Winchester to Salisbury and Helen raised money by having a Sponsored Period – together they raised over £500!

Helen also helped to set up Facebook, Twitter and Just Giving pages, and was responsible for designing the logo and website. She continues to post and raise awareness of these issues.

Abi, Nepal Volunteer

Inspired and appalled by the recent news story that the ban on the import of elephant parts into the US has been lifted, Abi wanted to raise awareness of the ethics of the ivory trade and the dangers of the illegal trade of ivory and he did this through his rugby team!

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He convinced his team to adopt the emblem of an elephant for their 2017/18 season and organised awareness raising talks with them and invited other sports teams at his University to attend. Abi has received really positive feedback from his campaign and inspired many of his team members to support WWF’s Stop The Ivory Trade campaign and Stop Ivory.

Elizabeth, Nicaragua Volunteer

As a result of finding it challenging to adapt back to her previous lifestyle after her placement, Elizabeth has been doing everything she can to fight inequality in the UK.

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Her time in Nicaragua taught Elizabeth that she had an abundance of belongings so she donated lots of her clothes, books and old toys to local schools and charity shops.

In November, with her Art Youth club (NPG Youth), she created hand-illustrated painted leaflets and posters to raise awareness of climate change. They then handed out copies to students at a university event and the public at a Central London tube station.

Elizabeth supported a friend with their ICS fundraising by helping to set up a Christmas bake sale in which she also delivered a speech to talk about her Raleigh ICS experience, raising awareness of the project and its’ benefits.

Over the Christmas break, Elizabeth volunteered for Crisis at Christmas, helping to prepare meals, facilitate art sessions and build rapport with people affected by homelessness.

Elizabeth is also volunteering as a Brightside Trust mentor, helping young mentees who want to pursue their careers and need advice to reach their goals. She has passed a certified online course on the Sustainable Development Goals and is continually researching opportunities and qualifications so that she can provide the best information for her mentees as possible!

Scott, Tanzania Volunteer

Flying the flag for Raleigh this cycle is Scott! He was able to get not one, but three local newspapers to publish stories about his placement, raising awareness of Raleigh and ICS projects.

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Scott also delivered presentations about his placement to his friends, family and at a local school. To round all of this off he’s raised £153 for Raleigh that could pay for a host country volunteer’s accommodation for an entire project cycle!

Marcus, Tanzania Volunteer

Marcus organised an environment action day at Tynemouth Longsands Beach in Northumberland

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Using the connections that he made as Secretary of the Surf Club at Newcastle University and with the help of the charity Surfers Against Sewage, Marcus’s event started with litter picking for a couple of hours, then they took a picture of all the volunteers lying on the beach with their heads in the sand to emphasise the ostrich-like response to imminent environmental damage and shared it on social media.

Marcus also volunteered with Food not Bombs in France, an organisation that uses food that would normally be wasted and cooks meals that they distribute to people who need them. He helped them to cook, organise events, distribute food and clean.

Finally, Marcus wrote an article focusing on raising awareness for the responsible consumption of food, water and energy which was distributed at Newcastle University during Go Green Week.