ICS Action at Home

What is Action at Home?

Action at Home is a self-directed project that raises awareness of an issue and inspires others to make a positive change. If you have any queries regarding Action at Home then please do get in touch with RaleighICS@raleighinternational.org and we will be happy to help.

Active Citizen Goals

Before you can graduate as Raleigh Alumni your Action at Home project will need to relate to two or more of the following active citizen goals:

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Youth Led

For example: Involve peers in creating a campaign addressing the UK government to end homelessness.

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Engages Others

For example: Hold a food waste dinner party and ask guests to pledge to minimise their carbon footprint.

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Creates a Positive Long-Lasting Change

For example: Volunteer as a mentor to support someone’s educational needs.

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Involves UK Community.

For example: Hold a litter pick event in your local area and give a workshop on how items can be upcycled.

Become a Raleigh Leader of Change! If your project achieves every active citizen goal then you will be featured on Raleigh’s website as a Leader of Change, as well as receiving a personalised cover photo for your Facebook page.

Need some inspiration?

Check out our new Action at Home A-Z Guide.

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Reporting on your project

Once you’ve completed your Action at Home project, please get in touch to complete your action report:

Send me my Action at Home form