Action guides

Encouraging others to support development efforts may sound daunting at first. But with a bit of planning and our support, you’ll be surprised at what you can do.

So flick through the guides below. Choose an action. And start making a difference.

Run a workshop

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Want to inspire and motivate others in a way that’s interactive and hands-on? Put the skills you gained on placement into practice by organising an Action Day at home! Workshops can be a great way to share your message and get people engaged. There are a range of resources available to help make yours a success.

Download this guide (PDF)

Put on a film and pop some corn

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Big issues deserve a big screen. Raise awareness on workers’ rights by screening ‘Black Gold’. Discourage food waste by showing ‘Just Eat It’. Whatever your passion, there’s bound to be a film on it, so put one on, and start a debate!

Download this guide (PDF)

Sharing is caring

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There’s no better way to get others inspired than talking from the heart. Share your knowledge and experiences on placement: the communities you lived with, their lack of access to basic services, and raise awareness of the simple things everyone can do to change the world.

Download this guide (PDF)

Get political

Icon of Houses of Parliament

Politicians have the power to bring about serious change – at home and abroad. The best part is, they work for you! Lobby your representative on the issues you care about and inspire others to do the same: write to your MP, start a petition, or lead a campaign to encourage young people to vote. Whatever issues matter to you, make sure your voice is heard at the highest level.

Download this guide (PDF)

Have a Meaningful Munch

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If you’re strapped for time outside of work, take advantage of your lunch break to raise awareness about your Raleigh experiences. Get your colleagues away from their desks by screening a short film, starting a debate, or hosting a Live Below the Line lunch; there are loads of ways to make lunchtimes more meaningful.

Download this guide (PDF)

Get Funded

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Got a great idea for a project in your community, and just need the funds to get it off the ground? There are a range of organisations which offer grants to help young people do great things, so get applying!

Download this guide (PDF)

Get Baking

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What’s better than cake? Ethical cake. Set up a stall, bake some sweet treats from Fairtrade ingredients, and shout to the world about ethical consumerism.

Download this guide (PDF)

Organise an event

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Using the knowledge and enthusiasm gained from your experience why not organise an event to raise awareness and inspire others.

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Photo Exhibition

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A picture says a thousand words so why not organise an exhibition to showcase your photos.

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Volunteering on ICS?

Use these action guides for your Action at Home project.

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