A dream to provide healthcare for all: Joseph’s story

In the community of Igoma, in the Iringa region of Tanzania, life is difficult if you become sick. As a rural village there is a lack of medical and health facilities to serve the hundreds there, meaning that when people fall ill they need to travel over an hour to Mafinga town, or pay high prices for medications to be brought to the community.

Joseph, a doctor in training, wants to change this. He first arrived in Igoma community while on placement for his medical training. But two years since he first arrived, he is staying put and is dedicated to improving life for all in the community.

“I have been in Igoma since 2017. When I came as part of my training at Mafinga college, I carried out fieldwork and discovered a lot of things about life in the town. When I finished my training, I realised that I could support others and that I could provide a service giving out health information and taking charge of a dispensary facility.”

As an aspiring entrepreneur and medical practitioner, he wants to set up a pharmacy to support local people. He hopes that it will will make access to medical supplies easier for local people, as well as providing a space for him to provide health advice to those that need it.

Joseph developed and expanded his business vision on entrepreneurship training delivered by Raleigh ICS volunteers. Through the programme, Joseph conducted market research and developed a business plan to kick start his dreams for the pharmacy.

But Joseph’s ambition does not end with a pharmacy in Igoma. He hopes to improve healthcare across Tanzania.

“After I open the pharmacy, I wish to develop more and more health centres. My desire is to open medical centres not just here in Igoma, but elsewhere around Tanzania to give health services to more and more people, to protect people from illness. My hope is that I want to be delivering more training in health production to others, to employ others such as young people, and to supervise in different type of services which will help people.”

Raleigh’s livelihoods training facilitates young people like Joseph to develop sustainable enterprises to support their own livelihoods. Find out about Raleigh’s livelihoods programmes here.

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