Dominic O’Neil

Dominic O'Neil

Guyana 1993

Which Raleigh Expedition did you do?

I went as a venturer to Guyana 93L. I was then Deputy Expedition Leader in Namibia on 98E and Expedition Leader for Namibia 99a, 99e and 99p, then Mongolia 00h and 01e and Chile 01j and 02c.

I thought nine was enough then!

What are you doing now and where are you living?

After Chile I went to Yemen as the Head of DFID (Department for International Development) until 2006 and then Head of DFID in Iraq. I am now preparing to go to Sierra Leone as Head of DFID there –it’ll be nice to be close to the beach!

What impact did Raleigh have on your life?

Raleigh had a major impact on my life for a number of reasons. I made some of the best friends I could ever hope for and am still in touch with them.

I worked with some of the most inspirational people you could ever hope to come across and that encouraged me to achieve even more in life. I have some of the most amazing memories of good times and adventure.

It gave me valuable management experience which I still use today in my current job and people really respect the experience I bring to DFID of managing large, complex groups.

Expedition memories…

I have so many memories, difficult where to start – if I had to choose one it would be the Bushman Eye Camp we organised in Namibia 99c.

We went to the most remote part of Namibia and screened 400 people from Bushmanlandfor cataracts. We then identified those who could be operated on and ran a surgical eye camp 300km away. This was a major undertaking and the Raleigh group were fantastic. I drove many of the patients home and watched them being reunited with their families who they had not been able to see for many years.

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