Don Hermildo

Don Hermildo

El Rodeo, Nicaragua

At the age of 70, Don Hermildo from El Rodeo in in Miraflor, Nicaragua has seen clean, running water in his village for the very first time.

Affectionately named “Grandfather” or “Abuelo” by the volunteers he worked with on a water and sanitation project, Don Hermildo suffers from gastritis and colitis causing vomiting and terrible stomach pains due to years of drinking contaminated water. This prevents him from digesting lots of food, including beans and dairy products, the staple foods in his area.

Despite not being able to eat well and also suffering from severe arthritis, he came to work with volunteers on a new water system every day, rain or shine and made an unbelievable effort to contribute to the water project. Volunteers were so moved by Don Hermildo, who regardless of the terrible pain in his bones and stomach always continued to work away with a smile of his face. Together with volunteers Don Hermildo and the community gained access to water, a resource that will help improve their lives for the better.

“When the project ends we’re going to feel secure that we’ll have water in our homes. We’ll be thankful to Raleigh because you have come to give so much happiness to everyone here. It is a big project and today, we have a great hope – you have come to work with us just so that we can have some water.”

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