Lukata, Tanzania

Nicolaus, 22, is a young entrepreneur from a small village in Tanzania called Lukata. Raleigh volunteers have been supporting him to start his own business in milk production as part of the ICS Entrepreneur programme.

In Tanzania, 68% of the population lives in poverty, and youth unemployment is soaring. Despite this, rural areas are providing a unique environment for entrepreneurship to thrive. In Lukata, Raleigh volunteers are worked alongside aspiring entrepreneurs like Nicolaus to transform the economic prospects of their communities.

Volunteers saw a dramatic change in the young entrepreneurs over the weeks, especially in terms of self-belief and enthusiasm. At the beginning of the project many of them were unsure of their direction and incredibly shy and their knowledge and understanding of starting up a business was extremely limited. 5 weeks down the line the volunteers had clear business plans backed up with various testing notes and budgets plans. Volunteers have been training the entrepreneurs in preparation for pitching to fund their businesses.

“I never thought I could actually be pitching for my own business idea. Opportunities like this are rare for someone like me, in my village opportunities are very limited. However, after attending the training provided by the Raleigh volunteers I now have enough confidence to start my own business and create a new path for my life.”

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