The Plastic Warrior fighting to save the environment: Charlotte’s story

More than 5 trillion pieces of plastics are floating in our oceans, negatively impacting marine life and biodiversity. In this global climate crisis, Raleigh alumni Charlotte is taking action to eradicate plastics from her day to day life.

While volunteering on a turtle conservation programme in Mexico, Charlotte witnessed first-hand the impact that plastic pollution can have on natural environments and wildlife.

“Our first day there was just devastating. We stepped out from the vehicle and looked at the beach, and there was just piles of rubbish, and half it wasn’t even from the locals, it had been washed up from the Gulf of Mexico. It was so much and it was stuff that was single use, stuff that we could easily get rid of”.

Charlotte’s experienced inspired her to take action to eradicate single-use and avoidable plastic from her life, so that she could do her bit to tackle the global plastic problem.

Watch how Charlotte is fighting against plastics

Charlotte is a climate activist looking for Action Not Excuses. Find out more about Raleigh International’s first youth-led global environmental campaign which is, like Charlotte, aiming to Fight for Zero Waste.

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