My placement was cut short by COVID-19, but I’m proud of what we achieved

The journey from Kathmandu back to Manchester was a difficult one. I’d been part of a team working to enhance livelihoods in the rural Nepalese community of Ghyapring, however, the project had been terminated halfway through due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It was a crushing disappointment. During the flight home, I reflected on the last […]

Fighting climate change, one tap-stand at a time

In Gorkha, agriculture, forestry and livestock make up 80% of people’s livelihoods – all of which are climate-sensitive and heavy in water usage. But these are not their only challenges regarding water. People do not have equal access to water and having a tap with running water in your household is far from the norm. […]

Empowering women through sustainable livelihoods

  Through our livelihoods projects at Raleigh Tanzania, we capacitate and empower women with skills and seed funding to start and expand their own sustainable businesses. Investing in women’s economic empowerment sets a direct path towards gender equality, poverty eradication and inclusive economic growth, enhancing society through their enormous contribution to economies as entrepreneurs and […]

“If I had to describe Raleigh in one word it would be ‘family'”

Community development has always been my passion. It started when I went to New Zealand to study IT. I did some travelling; I met a lot of interesting people from around the world and worked on numerous farms. What I like most about New Zealand was their love for nature and how they care about […]

Together we RISE: Empowering young people through sustainable enterprises

According to a World Bank report in 2018, it is estimated that over 900,000 young men and women enter the labour market every year, while it is estimated that by 2030 the labour force will have more than doubled, reaching around 50 million. Yet unemployment in Tanzania is still a major issue. Young people from Raleigh […]

United Nations Day: Our global push to meet the Sustainable Development Goals

10% of the world’s population still lives in extreme poverty, and these 700 million people can struggle to meet the most basic needs like health, education and access to water and sanitation. Worldwide, you are three times more likely to be poor if you live in the countryside than if you live in a town […]

Creating a Lasting Impact in Nayagaun

2015 was a devastating year for Nepal. The earthquake that struck the country in April caused great losses and one of the regions that suffered the most was Gorkha. Nayagaun, a small village of around thirty-nine households, had a similar fate. Many houses fell and people felt extremely vulnerable. Man Bahadur Shrestha, a native of […]

Raleigh International receives support from Saint-Gobain Foundation for innovative new rural youth livelihoods project in Tanzania

Raleigh International receives support from Saint-Gobain Foundation for innovative new rural youth livelihoods project in Tanzania

Created by youth-driven sustainable development charity Raleigh Tanzania, the partnership focuses on empowering youth who live on the periphery of Mkingu Forest Nature Reserve in the Morogoro region of Tanzania with the skills and confidence to establish successful and sustainable enterprises. The supported project is called Rural Inclusive Sustainable Enterprise through Youth (RISE).   One […]

Raleigh’s partnership with Newcastle University continues as nine Engineering students work to improve access to education in Costa Rica

  The partnership makes excellent use of the expertise the engineers have gained through their degree course; designing and building infrastructure to improve the health and wellbeing of children in communities where Raleigh works, and boost their attendance and engagement at school. This was most certainly the focus for the nine Newcastle University students who […]