Fundraise for us

Thank you for your interest in fundraising for Raleigh International. We invite you to join Raleigh’s incredible community of alumni and friends who find unique and challenging ways to support our work.

Why fundraise for Raleigh? Last year over 45,000 people around the world benefitted from our programmes. The money you raise will help us continue to create lasting change at grassroots level, and transform lives in communities across the world.

Get started

Tell us you are planning to fundraise for Raleigh. Whether you have already decided on your activity or are looking for inspiration, we are here to help. Great first steps are to set up an online fundraising page, share it with everyone you can, and if you’re alumni reconnect with friends from your ICS or Expedition group.

Ask us for help

We are on hand to help you make the most from your fundraising. Request our handy fundraising guide and other materials (t-shirts, balloons, posters, collection tins and literature about our work) to help you promote your events and activities.

Read success stories

Stuck for ideas? Check out some examples of what our inspirational fundraisers have been up to recently in aid of Raleigh:

Trekking Te Araroa

Rob during his trek across New Zealand

Rob undertook a mammoth 3,000 kilometre trek across the length of New Zealand, completing the remarkable feat after five months, one week and one day. Rob decided to take on the challenge of trekking the gruelling Te Araroa trail to raise money to support venturers from Tanzania.

“I chose to do this for the sense of adventure, of course, but also for others who haven’t been given some of the advantages and opportunities that I have. I wanted to give them the opportunity to confront poverty and learn ways in which to combat it” – Rob

Running for Raleigh

Emily after completing her half marathon

Raleigh alumni Billy and Emily ran half marathons in Bristol and Cardiff respectively, raising much needed funds to support our programmes.

“I wanted to fundraise for Raleigh to give something back after my amazing time in Nicaragua & Costa Rica, and to celebrate what Raleigh stands for. I have been out there myself and seen the amazing work Raleigh does, and I would encourage everyone who’s been involved with Raleigh to stay involved in some way” – Billy

Contact us

To find out more about fundraising for Raleigh, please contact the alumni team at