Offer your support

What we can offer

Our dedicated fundraising team will be happy to discuss the different support opportunities available. We can ensure your support goes towards a specific project that will meet your aims and interests. Similarly, you can make an unrestricted contribution, safe in the knowledge that we will distribute your grant to wherever it will have the biggest impact.

Raleigh will provide updates from the project you are supporting in the form of reports, case studies and photographs and can acknowledge your support through our communication channels, where appropriate. In the case of specific project funding, the opportunity for Trustees to engage with our partners and beneficiaries may also be possible through the organisation of meetings and communications.

How your support can help

There are several projects for which we seek grants for. Your support could fund the costs of a sustainable development enterprise, or could be used to support the needs of a project participant, who could be a disadvantaged young person from the UK or a host country volunteer from one of our programme locations. This will improve the accessibility of a Raleigh Expedition to a wider, more diverse range of young people. More general support can be assigned to where it is most needed and can provide a speedy response to a potential issue.