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Volunteering in the UK for over 23 year olds

Work with young people, build your skills and contribute to sustainable projects as a Volunteer Manager on Re:Green, our first UK programme.

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What is Re:Green?

Re:Green is an opportunity to take part in an immersive 3, 5 or 6 week programme in the Western Highlands of Scotland. You will lead our teams of young volunteers on a conservation and/or youth leadership trek project, or ensure the safe completion of these projects from our remote office with the support of Raleigh International’s UK staff.

This is your chance to get out and take urgent action to drive the green recovery and address the climate emergency. You will also get to work with and for young people, helping to develop both their skills and your own in a challenging, exciting remote location in the UK.

Our goal is to create a national movement of young people, partner organisations and communities united in taking action towards a greener and fairer society. To achieve this, we require the support of Volunteer Managers aged 23-75 in a number of positions. Your role will be key to mobilising young people, whilst developing your own goals and growing your knowledge of sustainable development.

Young volunteers on our Re:Green programmes are aged 18-24. If you are 23 or 24 and have relevant leadership experience, you can also choose to apply as a Volunteer Manager. If you are unsure which fits you best, please apply as a volunteer in the first instance, let us know your preferences and will be in touch.

Read our Covid-19 update.

Our projects

Conservation: protect and restore the Scottish rainforest and ancient wildlife, on projects ranging from removal of invasive plant species, restoration, rewilding green spaces, reforestation, habitat and wildlife monitoring

Youth Leadership Challenge: Support young volunteers through some of the UK’s most challenging but beautiful terrains on an 11-day remote trek, wild-camping in the Scottish Highlands and helping your team learn essential skills in leadership, teamwork and resilience

Campaign: Plan and deliver practical and theoretical training in environmental action and awareness raising to young people, through a crash course in climate campaigning.

Volunteer Manager roles

Deputy Operations Coordinator

To oversee the overall running of your Re:Green programme, we recruit a Deputy Operations Coordinator. This role will be based at the remote volunteer house with our Project Support Coordinators, where they will coordinate all volunteer teams and the successful delivery of projects. Previous experience with Raleigh International at Volunteer Manager level or of similar responsibility is essential. The application process for this role will be slightly different – please contact us at for details.

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Where will I volunteer?

Re:Green programmes are taking place in remote areas in the Western Highlands of Scotland, to coincide with COP26 taking place in Glasgow in November. We are currently developing projects with a variety of national and local conservation organisations across the UK (Scotland, Wales and the north of England).

Volunteering dates

Secure your place on Re:Green in 2021. All dates will be subject to local and national Covid-19 restrictions and safety measures. We aim to announce new dates for 2022 programmes in the near future.


August – October 2021





Project Support Coordinator
Deputy Operations Coordinator
24 Aug – 3 Oct 6 Spaces available
Project Manager

29 Aug – 18 Sept 3 Limited spaces
Project Manager 29 Aug – 2 Oct 5 Limited spaces
Adventure Project Manager 29 Aug – 2 Oct 5 Spaces available

October – November 2021





Project Support Coordinator
Deputy Operations Coordinator
19 Oct – 14 Nov 4 Spaces available
Project Manager 24 Oct – 13 Nov 3 Limited spaces

Fundraising for Volunteer Managers

As we are a charity, we encourage our volunteers to fundraise to take part in this programme.

Re:Green is about more than what can be achieved in 3, 5 or 6 weeks. It is about creating a global movement to bring about lasting change. Your fundraising will help us to not only cover the costs of your placement, but also to support young people around the world to tackle the climate crisis alongside other global priorities through our national youth programmes and overseas Expeditions. Find out more information about where your money goes.

We will cover your food, accommodation, transport, and project and safety equipment from your arrival until the end of your programme.

Thanks to the generous contributions of our supporters and donors we are able to offer a reduced fundraising target for the first 100 volunteers that sign-up to Re:Green in 2021:



Minimum fundraising

20% discount for first
100 volunteer sign-ups

Project Manager 3 weeks £1,095 £875
5 weeks £1,495 £1,195
Project Support Coordinator 5 weeks £1,250 £955
Adventure Project Manager 6 weeks £500 £400
Deputy Operations Coordinator 5 weeks £300 £240

Training and support

We have a dedicated team to support you with information and training before and during your Re:Green programme. Whilst some specific experience is required for particular roles, you don’t need specialist skills or knowledge of our projects. We will give you thorough online training beforehand as well as during your induction when you arrive. We will also send you everything you need to know and prepare in advance and share how you can support the personal development of young people on your programme.

Next steps

How to apply

Step 1 – Apply online and upload your CV/résumé

Complete the online form and upload a copy of your CV / résumé. Please tell us as much as you can about yourself, what you are currently doing and what relevant skills and experience you can bring to an Expedition. Don’t worry if you don’t know which role is right for you – just put ‘undecided’.

Step 2 – Online Assessment

If your application form is approved, you will be invited to attend a group-based Online Assessment. This is a great way for us to assess your potential, and it also gives you the opportunity to hear more from us and decide whether Re:Green is right for you.

We will be in touch within one week to let you know if you have been successful. You will then be offered a place on one of our Re:Green programmes. This offer is valid for two years.

Step 3 – Deposit

To confirm your place on Re:Green, we will ask you for a £200 deposit when you receive our offer letter. This will be deducted from your fundraising target total.

Step 4 – Pre-departure preparation

Our Volunteer Journey Team will support you to get started with your fundraising, complete your medical form, and book your travel. You will be invited to your training event to meet your team and start your training.

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