Join a 4-week Expedition in Tanzania this summer

New Summer 2018 Programme

This summer, we’re launching a 4-week Expedition in Tanzania. This exciting programme is designed for volunteers that want to get the most out of their summer and be part of a Raleigh Expedition.

We only offer the 4-week Expedition once a year, so places are limited. Apply today to secure your place.

“An unforgettable, once in a lifetime opportunity doing some life changing work with incredible people.”

– Harry, volunteered in Tanzania

Why Tanzania?

Tanzania is an East African country which packs a heck of a punch when it comes to beautiful scenery, impressive mountains, vast wilderness, and sublime national parks. It’s home to Africa’s highest mountain (the majestic Mount Kilimanjaro) and lined with an array of vibrant marine life, such as colourful coral reefs and whale sharks. Inland you can find stunning wildlife like elephants, lions, rhinos, and leopards. While the country is also a haven of rich culture, welcoming locals, and fascinating ways of life.

What will I do in 4 weeks?

Our work in Tanzania focuses on improving community managed water and sanitation systems and building community resilience. You will gain experience of sustainable development work and help this incredible country to move forwards towards a secure future, whilst developing skills for yourself.

A volunteer demonstrates how to use a tippy tap in Tanzania

Community project

Don’t just visit, live it! You will live and work alongside local communities and it’s their lives you will be helping to change for the better. As part of an international team of volunteers, you’ll be working at the heart of a school water, sanitation and hygiene (SWASH) project. You’ll be working very closely with local schools, so you will meet other young people from Tanzania.

Your project will create lasting change. You might be helping improve access to clean water or building sanitation facilities and improving knowledge of WASH behaviours that can keep people safe from water-borne illness.

Volunteers cross a river while trekking in Tanzania


Take part in a short, adrenaline-fuelled adventure trek through rural Tanzania. You’ll learn camp-craft and survival skills, sleep under the stars and trek through stunning landscapes. You’ll finish your trek with a visit to one of Tanzania’s fascinating national parks, where you’ll learn about conservation issues and see some of Tanzania’s incredible wildlife first hand.

Did you know?
  1. Tanzania is diverse – over 120 different tribes can be found in Tanzania and over 100 languages spoken.

  2. Tanzanians follow “ujamaa”. This Swahili term is all about caring and showing concern for your neighbours.

  3. Tanzania has the largest concentration of wildlife animals per square kilometre in the world.

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