Join a 4-week Expedition in Tanzania this summer

Karibu! Welcome to Tanzania

We’re launching two 4-week Expeditions in Tanzania this summer, one in July and one in August. These exciting programmes are designed for volunteers that want to be part of a Raleigh Expedition and get the most out of their summer. Four weeks, lots of new friends and amazing experiences – bring on summer!

We only offer the 4-week Expeditions once a year, so places are limited. Apply today to secure your place.

Why Tanzania?

Immerse yourself in Tanzania, a country of warm hearts and long handshakes. Home to the highest mountain in Africa and the largest concentration of wildlife per square kilometre in the world.

“An unforgettable, once in a lifetime opportunity doing some life changing work with incredible people.”

– Harry, volunteered in Tanzania

What will I do in 4 weeks?

Our work in Tanzania focuses on improving community managed water and sanitation systems and building community resilience. You will gain experience of sustainable development work and help this incredible country to move forwards towards a secure future, whilst developing skills for yourself.

A volunteer demonstrates how to use a tippy tap in Tanzania

Community project

Don’t just visit, live it! You’ll be living in a local community and working side by side with the villagers, staying in their homes for 19 days. Your days will be spent working on a community led project, contributing to the Global Goals. We work closely with schools in rural Tanzania to help improve basic sanitation facilities. By building toilet and handwashing facilities, you’ll be able help improve attendance at schools, particularly for girls. You and the team will be working with our local partners and the community themselves to create lasting change together. It might be hard work at times but your effort and energy will make a lasting difference.

Volunteers cross a river while trekking in Tanzania


Our Expedition teams will take part in a two-day adventure trek. One group will head to Sanje Falls, a waterfall in the Udzungwa Mountains National Park. As well as tropical forest and mountains, the park is famed for its six primate species. You’ll be able to spot monkeys as you walk up to the waterfall. At the end of the trek up, cool off by taking a dip in one of the waterfall’s plunge pools. Your team will set up camp at the top of the waterfall, meaning you’ll be able to wake up to sunrise over the Kilombero Valley before heading back. Following your trek, you’ll visit Mikumi national park, home to many of the species of animals that Tanzania is famed for. As well as seeing some of these creatures first hand, you’ll also learn about the importance of wildlife conservation in this incredible part of the world. Our second Expedition group will do their trek in the intriguing Uluguru Mountains. Prepared to be lured into its beautiful rainforest, birdlife and peak after peak of lulling green tops. Uluguru is a paradise for hiking, and can show you some of the world’s richest and most species-diverse rainforests.

Did you know?
  1. Tanzania is diverse – over 120 different tribes can be found in Tanzania and over 100 languages spoken.
  2. Tanzanians follow “ujamaa”. This Swahili term is all about caring and showing concern for your neighbours.
  3. Tanzania has the largest concentration of wildlife animals per square kilometre in the world.

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