Volunteering in Tanzania for over 25 year olds

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Tanzania is an East African country known for its stunning national parks, hosting “the big five” (elephant, lion, rhino, leopard, buffalo) animals and Kilimanjaro – the highest mountain in Africa. Home to one of the most stable and peaceful democracies in Africa and the largest concentration of wildlife per square kilometre in the world, this country of warm hearts and long handshakes is bursting with energy and enthusiasm to create change in its communities.

Improving access to Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)

One of our key goals in Tanzania is to improve access to safe water and impart knowledge about sanitation and hygiene to primary school children and the wider communities where we work. Our younger volunteers will be led by our Project site Volunteer Managers to work full time with local schools in the Kilombero and Mvomero regions, whilst our Field base staff will also make occasional visits to the sites themselves. Together you will be working towards the creation of new sanitation facilities, whilst delivering awareness raising campaigns and initiatives. Combined these efforts not only improve the health outcomes and knowledge of the community but help to increase attendance where children can access better toilet facilities and feel pride in their schools.

Promoting Youth for Sustainable Forest Management

Our environmental projects are run in the Mufindi District of Iringa Region in the Southern Highlands of Tanzania, on the fringes of the Southern Udzungwa Mountain. This is part of the Eastern Arc range, one of World Wildlife Fund’s Global 200 priority ecoregions. Unfortunately as a result of the reliance of firewood for cooking, deforestation is a huge challenge in Tanzania. Our Project Managers and their volunteer teams will work with local communities on reforestation projects to raise awareness of this issue, plant seedlings, develop forest management plans, and promote sustainable income-generating activities. As with our community programmes, Field base Volunteer Managers will also be called on to make visits to the environmental project sites, alongside their core work at the Tanzania main office.

Out on Trek

Trekking through the Morogoro or Iringa regions, our volunteers and Project Managers will wind their way up, down and through varied terrain. Led by our local guides and Raleigh leaders, trek passes through small communities and stunning scenery, where you’ll camp out under incredible skies, unaffected by light pollution. Trek requires courage to venture outside your comfort zone, and there are highs and lows for all volunteers. Supporting one another through these moments, the friendships formed on trek are often some of the strongest on Expedition because of all that you have shared and learnt together, making it a hugely rewarding experience for everyone involved.

Life at Field base

In between visits to project sites, our Field base Volunteer Managers will spend the majority of their time at our Tanzania headquarters in Morogoro, where you will carry out the crucial day-to-day running of Expeditions. Field base is remote but still connected, nestled in the foothills of the Uluguru Mountains but a short journey away from town. Accommodation is based off site with your own living quarters, and only a five minute walk from field base. The commute should be enormously refreshing to anyone seeking an escape from a busy city workplace, as you make it in sight of mountains, surrounded by forest and with the opportunity to encounter local people. On days and evenings off, there is the opportunity to go into town to sample amazing local food, hike in the surrounding hills, visit a nearby waterfall, relax with your fellow volunteers and take in the beautiful Tanzanian sunset.

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