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Work and Impact

We work with a global movement of young people who are generating solutions to the most urgent crises facing the planet.


In Tanzania young people are mobilising their peers to fight for access to clean water and sanitation; to hold decision makers accountable for the delivery of projects which improve the lives of their communities; to support young people in establishing their own sustainable livelihoods and to preserve the precious biodiversity of the country’s forests.

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Central America

Young people from Nicaragua and Costa Rica are leading on campaigns and projects which will transform environmental behaviours and improve the lives of the most marginalised across the region.

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In Nepal young people are leading on initiatives with social justice at their core; strengthening Kathmandu’s circular economy; increasing livelihoods opportunities for women and girls in Nepal’s protected areas and improving access to water for Nepal’s most remote communities.

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Global Projects

Our global programmes seek to establish a strengthened and innovative movement of young people from across the world who are ready to tackle the most urgent challenges we face. We partner with youth-driven organisations, equipping and connecting them with the skills, knowledge and networks they need to build greener and fairer societies.

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