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Global Projects

Our network of youth-led national societies partner with us on initiatives which are building a greener, fairer and more inclusive world.

Young people are crucial to driving solutions to some of the biggest challenges we face globally.

Youth for Green Growth

Youth for Green Growth supports young people to develop and deliver a global campaign focused on positive environmental change. The full and meaningful engagement of young people is not only important, but also critical if we are to achieve green growth. Through Youth for Green Growth seven of Raleigh’s National Youth-led societies have been supported to identify urgent environmental challenges in their countries, implementing initiatives to address these them.

Circular Future - Malaysia

Circular Future is a movement of young people that are committed to increasing education on reducing, recycling and repurposing plastic waste whilst improving access to affordable prosthetics in Malaysia. At the moment, only 16% of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles in Malaysia are collected for recycling purposes while 160,000 of Malaysia’s population needs prosthetic devices. Through Circular Future, young people will change the knowledge, attitude and behaviour surrounding plastic waste disposal practices through various knowledge sharing methods. Circular Future will increase the recycling of PET plastics to create 3D prosthetics for 30 amputees from underprivileged backgrounds.

Urban Nomads - Mongolia

Increasing migration levels from the countryside to the city in search of better employment opportunities has resulted in rising air pollution and overpopulation in the capital city of Mongolia and the neglect of the rural areas of the country. Urban Nomads intends to increase the economic opportunities and living conditions in smaller villages to decrease outward migration. Young people living in Mongolia are running an innovative youth-led eco and sustainable lifestyle campaign called Urban Nomad which is supporting local youth to launch green enterprises in their communities. Young people will be trained in the construction of composing toilets, how to grow organic vegetables and how to commercialise existing sustainable produce. This will help young people in remote and rural areas across Mongolia to adopt more sustainable lifestyles. Campaign activities will include educational workshops and nationwide awareness raising campaigns.