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Nepal Projects

Wildlife Integration and Livelihood Development (WILD)

Communities living near the Parsa and Chitwan National Parks in Nepal are geographically isolated and have very few job opportunities. Many people are forced to earn an income through unsustainable activities such as clearing land to grow cash crops. This destroys wildlife habitats and threatens the natural resources the communities rely on. WILD promotes sustainable alternatives by supporting young people to develop eco-friendly enterprises in sectors such as agro-forestry, eco-tourism and agriculture. We provide training for women and young people in entrepreneurial skills and natural resource management. Young people lead formative research and behaviour change campaigns to increase support for green businesses in their communities. Through WILD women and young people will have increased opportunities for sustainable income generation, resulting in less environmental degradation.

Kathmandu Recycles

Kathmandu is a beautiful and vibrant, city. However, visitors and residents are surrounded by plastic pollution where single use plastic makes up 16% of landfills. To address the growing plastic problem in Kathmandu, young people in Nepal are leading a campaign called ‘Kathmandu Recycles’, a movement built upon action, collaboration and large-scale behavioural change. The campaign will support hundreds of young people to create new livelihoods by 2022. It will equip them with skills and knowledge to run green businesses in the circular economy in the Kathmandu Valley. Kathmandu Recycles will also create a movement of 5,000 young people who are promoting and adopting sustainable alternatives to plastics.