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Volunteer with Raleigh Nepal (resident only)

Change Starts Here. Volunteer now as a host country volunteer if you live in Nepal.

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About Nepal Expedition

Raleigh International Nepal's Expedition programme equips young people with the skills, experience, and connections to be leaders of change. Expedition encompasses a variety projects and experiences, that combined give our volunteers the opportunity to create change in themselves as well as in the environments and communities where we work. Join now to ignite your passion for change and equip yourself with the skills to mobilise action on the issues you care about.

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You will live and work with local communities, improving facilities and influencing new behaviours that will support communities in the future. You will partner with schools and community groups to create awareness about the importance of handwashing and safe water, building water tanks, toilet blocks and handwashing stations.

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Adventure Leadership Trek

Adventure Leadership Trek gives you the chance to trek through incredible sceneries, different terrains and communities whilst developing your leadership and learning about the power of team effort. We start and finish our treks together, but you and your team will navigate the route yourselves through incredible landscapes. It gives you a chance to go back to basics and learn to be self-sufficient, appreciating the environment we live in.

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